Joining the TA after medical discharge

History : Was medically discharged in 1993 for two things, bilateral otitis media and a duff shoulder that kept dislocating.

Pensioned under the following reg:

Queens Regulations 1975 Para 9.387 Ceasing to fulfil Army Medical Requirements

I am also currently in receipt of a War Pension & War disability pension.

No problems with the ear since I came out and my shoulder is perfect, in fact probably better than before the injury. My doctor has reviewed both of these and has given me an all clear.

Question : I want to rejoin the TA as I'm now married in a good job etc and yet I still want to do something forces related. I understand that if I am given the all clear I will lose my pension etc. What is the process - would my doctors all clear be enough for you to review me as an "as is" basis or would I have to go through a whole medical review board?
Tricky one.

I know of ex Regs who join the TA, then go FTRS - they have their pensions stopped (cant earn and contribute at same time)

You would have to apply and see, the TA Centre would then refer you to the regional Perminent Standing medical Board for assessment, then if acceptable an application would have to go to higher authorities to allow you to serve.

But you wont know until you try, but just have it in mind that the answer may be 'thanks, but no!'

fingers crossed for you

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