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With the age limit increasing to 33, I want to join the forces again... But I now earn too much to even consider joining full time so TA it is!


About 14 years ago, I had an injury when I was in Junior Leaders and so was subsequently medically discharged and give a war pension and a war disability pension.

For quite a while I've not had any problems with my injury (Several years) and it's a lot better than it's ever been. I'm able to do everything I could do in the army if not more.


Now, I've been speaking with people on the army website and they all seem to think that if I go along to the medical, pass it and willingly lose my pension, I would be able to join the TA / Regs

I've even spoke to the WO2 of the TA unit and he seems to think it wouldn't be a problem

I know a guy who failed his regs medical and passed his TA (Thought it was the same?)

Now, I'm all for this, I really would like to rejoin but as with everything I'd like to do a little more research so... note: I will be joining an infantry unit


With regards to the medical is it as is, or do you declare everything pre med check?

How long does your medical record have to be clear of the problem?

Does anyone know of anyone who's been through this or something similar?

What information do I need to take to the TA unit? I.E Discharge papers etc.

Thanks in advance :)


War Hero
I was medically discharged from the regulars. I had to wait 5 years before I could apply to join the TA. I can supply no information regarding your loss of pension. Best of luck.

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