Joining the TA after 22yrs reg service

I would like some advice about joinining the TA I did 22 yrs service as a regular within the AMS now 2 year gap after discharge. Iam was hoping to find some of the comraderie in the TA. I live in NE HANTS. any suggestions ?help very much appreciated.
airforceone said:
Seriously? Don't bother, enjoy your retirement!
Seconded... take up ballroom dancing, its much more exciting and dangerous than the training they let us do at the moment... plus you won't get AGAI'd for touching a woman, as its a partnered dance... everyones a winner!

I work in recruiting for a South Hants TA unit, and like yourself joined late, but I only did 12 yrs service with a bit of a gap from leaving (6yrs)

We have had quite a few lads through the door looking at joining post 22yrs, everyone of them was entertained although most seemed to decide that maybe they had done enough and melted away after a while, but we get a lot of that from ex-regs, don't be suprised if things are a little slow application wise, there seems to be a tendancy of "wait and see" over ex-regs to see if they will commit. The thing you need to do is bring something to the party, of the guys that turned up only 2 are still about, one was a ex Staffy Chef and the other a full screw storeman, we had roles for both, we did have a Sgt sniff about with a QM qual and although we didn't push him away we made it known that we already had a SNCO in the Q role. Again I don't want to push you away and if interested in talking further then please IM me but you need to think about what you can bring to us beyond 22 yrs of service.

If you are AMS only then an alternative is to speak to 243 Hosp in Cosham, that might just be within reach of you

Whatever you do good luck

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