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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Whats_this_all_aboot, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Hey guys,

    This is a bit of a random one. I had/have my heart set on joining the RAMC, but have been researching all the other jobs (just in case it all goes Pete Tong) and have become really intrigued and interested in joining the Signals. I know that the two are totally different jobs, but what could i expect from joining the Sigs? i have been looking at this particular job:

    Royal Signals Electronic Warfare Systems Operator

    Any help greatfully appreciated me dears.

  2. thats what im starting on 2nd jan, was called Special Operator til Nov now the job titles changed :D
  3. Bullshite, lots and lots of bullshite!

    Seriously, the corps, like any other, has its good points and its bad ones,!

    Some of the good ones are the rotaion, you can go to lots of diffrent places and postings, some gucci little numbers are aviable in the sigs. Its 4am I can't be arrse or sober enough to think or more or the cons apart from the BS, but then your question is quite ambigous, what do you mean expect? in what context? If you just want a jist of that the corps are like take a skim over the titles of threads in the sigs forum!
  4. Fcuking wobbly heads
  5. Ah yes but the bummer wobbly heads go to Cyprus, America, Jamaica, Australia and the like, and they get paid rude money
  6. But mostly Wales
  7. Wales can be good . . . . . ?
  8. No it cant
  9. Cyprus would be good, maybe for my next posting hey...? If I kiss enough ass that is....
  10. Do you have enough time in the day for that :? :D
  11. Any where that gets me out of here is great! i love it already . . .
  12. cyprus is a punishment posting with the sun. its a nightmare trying to get up for work at 7 after being on the lash and bumming tourists all night!
    join as a liney and you will get a shiny belt! bonus :thumright: