joining the signals in march. some advise?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by nathan89, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. hi guys . well basically my first job choice i cso in the signals and the intake is in march. second choice is vehecle machanic in REME. i am interested n joining the signals but through doing lots of research and reading lots of posts on here im starting to change my mind.
    lots of posts saying day to day life is just sat around drinkin coffee being a lazy twa.. i have also spoke to numerous friends who are serving soldiers and there all telling me that i should chose REME as loads of redundancies in signals.
    Just want t o make the right xhoice.
  2. How ******* uninteresting.
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  3. thanks guys for helping. you where all in the same situation once. i shouldnt of bothered. sorry about the spelling mistakes. Didnt realise i was in a test.
  4. some advise please guys.
  5. Go to the ACIO.
  6. You have to decide, you have to make a decision.
  7. Buy a dictionary, you ******* clown and a small aide-memoire to guide you regarding simple grammar.

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  8. im not asking anyone to make a choice for me im just looking for something to aid my choice. i am really interested in joining the signals but you only know what you read dont you until your there.
  9. why is everyone so bothered about my spelling?? im just typing fast not thinking about my spelling does it really matter. Jesus
  10. There are lots of folk on ARRSE asking for guidance on job choices. Its your career so you have to decide for yourself. Should you form your decision on

    1. Advice given by the recruiting process which is there to help you
    2. Some friends who do what exactly??
    3. A collection of random internet folk who have never served / served some time ago / are serving but don't know much about either Sigs or REME / are serving but couldn't give a toss what you do

    If I told you to send me £5 you wouldn't do it so why listen to my opinion on your career???

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Dear Jesus,

    Yes it does matter.

  12. You're Jesus?
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  13. Join the Signals. PCs have spell check.
  14. Have you considered reccy mech?

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