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Hi I am looking to join the Army in the Royal Signals

I am looking at Signals Installation Technician or communication systems operator role

I was just after a bit of advice, I was just wondering, is this a role where I would be in combat? or is it more of a role where I would be at base most of the time? I understand it's difficult to answer, just trying to get a rough idea

And if anyone has been or currently in the role, how do you find it?

Any advice is appreciated

Thank you
You were joining the engineers a minute ago.
Don't join the signals it's full of mincers.

Not any more....I've left.

To the OP. Tons of info on both trades plus chances of deployment etc on the R Sigs forum. Stick CSE in the search box.
If you want combat, join the infantry or tanks. No one else in the Army will be as close to the enemy as a rule of thumb. There are exceptions of course, but a Signals storeman or RE brickie isn't that.

If you want a chance at a decent job that you can use your military experience in after the Army, join a Corps.

Most corps, although none more than R Signals, will have some warry units (SF, para etc). So if you want a mix, join the Corps and volunteer for the unusually hatted units.

R Signals has an entire regiment of SF types.
I am looking at 1 role in the Engineers, and 2 in the Signals, so I posted on both.

What do you want to join the signals for anyway? It's woman's work.


Roadster has it pretty much covered although I'm not sure about the chances of combat in tanks with the current list of likely foe.

Sigs was alright, cant comment about what it like now....too bloody old.

Its useful to have a trade for when you finally get out but also nothing wrong with doing the inf bit.

How close you'll be to the sharp end will depend on what sigs unit you end up in. I was in a couple of units that were at times neck deep in it, often without any support.

The sf stuffs been mentioned, the main one was 264 back in my day and no I wasn't in that mob. There were others as well.

Best advice I can some research then take a pick. If it turns out you dont like what u picked, go for a retrade or total jump.

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