Joining the Royal Engineers.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by NoSurrender73, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Alright lads I'm currently in the process of joining the Army.. So far i've done the medical forms, the BARB test and Interview 1... All going well so far :D and i got a physical test next week(1.5m run and jerry can walk).
    Should be a good laugh.

    I'm wanting to join as a surveyor engineer, Anyone on here got experience of being one, and how was/is it as a career?
  2. your in luck. i am one. cdn_spr was one and various others.

    same as any trade, you might do it you might not. I was G10 storemen for my first 2.5 yrs as a class 2 but i didnt whinge i learnt troop life and some very valuable lessons some of the design only boys dont pick up.

    there are some fortunate and very luxurious posts however the fair share of crap ones.

    Brush up on ya maths and if you need ought PM me
  3. In the mists of time,I trained as a Survey engineer.Then it was a T trade,with enhanced pay.That was in the time before GPS,telurometers etc,when you had to do massive calculations on paper,and WW2 vintage theodolites took an age to set up on three axes.!! As I understand it,the trade is no longer a T trade,which is a pity.After(as well as before),I spent most of my time jumping out of aeroplanes.On returning to my unit,after Chatham,I was asked by a WO2,what trade I now had.On replying,he said ''we have one already and he's a clever cnut''
  4. Thanks for the advice mate.. I'd be going for junior entry since im 16 but I haven't got my exam results yet, if I don't get the required qualifications do you know if that means for certain that i won't be able to join :?
  5. If your English is anything to go by, you'll have walked the exams. It's a breath of fresh air to be able to read a post written by somebody about to join up. :)
  6. Y R U NT DWN WTH TH STREET LKE WHT WE AL R :?: :?: :?: :?:
  7. Tsk! Trust a knocker to lower the tone!

    NAKED BAR!!! :wink:
  8. Well I hope so... I wasn't the best pupil in school, spent too much time talking and messing around and not enought time working.
  9. should stand you in good stead for the corps then. :wink: :D :wink: :D
  10. i was just thinking that!!
  11. look mate i had people on my course that didnt do alot GCSE wise, i was 17 when i joined with very good GCSE's however they didnt matter because i smashed the exams. If you study well and do well on things like your BARB test then crack on. However if you only make the grades for Draughtsman say then put it down then brush up on your english and maths especially your mental arithmetic!! i didnt need an interview after i told them the rough length of a hypotemus in the field!!

    Trust me the two old crusties taking the course look for characters on the Design Trade Career Assessment course as well as educational ability. If you want it then go for it and with some studies you'll be laughing.

    Remember the Corps has people from all walks of life so it's never as hard to get on something as it seems!! If only 2 people want to be surveyor's and there is 8 seats to fill then you've got a good chance!!
  12. Is that like a hypotenuse, but from essex?
  13. ah my canadian friend...that'll be a lunch time typo mate. them e numbers got me all typing mental!!!

    i meant 'that long side innit!!'
  14. Typical - you 'av to get all technical you survey types. :)
  15. Thanks for the help guys, gotta go on the hunt for some smart clothes for my interview tomorrow... Hate shopping for clothes.