Joining the Royal Engineers.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Matt-01, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys, I'm just looking for a bit of advice.
    A bit on me (if you care) I'm now 23 and am beginning to think not joining up would become the major regret of my life. I had a start date at CTCRM quite a few years ago and had an unfortunate run of injuries delaying me then personal circumstances changed etc..
    So I now am seriously considering joining up again preferably RE then
    choose 59 commando (or whatever is surviving the cuts) and I'm wondering.
    Firstly I'm in a pretty serious relationship (been with the mrs 3 years) and am wondering during phase 2 will I have time to come home etc. (I've pretty much written Phase 1 off in terms of coming home). if I joined 59 will I be almost permanently based in Chivenor when not deployed? So we could settle etc. in terms of Service housing; am I correct in thinking we'd only be entitled to this if we got married?
    Also, does anyone know the rough waiting time from application to start date for this role atm? Lastly, will I be looked on as a little old to be joining up as an 'other rank' at 23/4. Sorry if some of the questions seem a little bone.


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  2. Mr_Fingerz

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    Join the Gunners and go 29.

    Yes you do need to be married (in a civil partnership) to get quarters.
  3. I thought as much. I guess the alternative is living off base and renting/ buying privately until we/ if we ever get married. I thought about it but the role of engineer interests me more. If the green lid was my sole aim I'd apply for the RM again.
  4. I'm in the process of applying and I'm 28 next month and there are people I know who have just finished basic the same age so you won't be looked at funny for being 24. Unless its 24 stone I guess. Then you might be looked at with interest :p

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  5. Don't worry about joining at 23/24 years old - you won't be the oldest, and your extra years of life experience might come in handy.
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  6. Aged 23 you will not be the oldest member of your troop. Nor will you be too old to pass the All Arms Commando Course, or even P Company if you're up for it. One of my old Wolverhampton Punk mates joined up in 1989, (he was 22) and he used to get home at weekends on his trade training. He had a long term girlfriend that he had lived with during his Punk Rocker days, and used to stay at her parents when he was visiting her. He married her before being sent to the First Gulf War.

    Couldn't you reapply for Royal Marines? Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  7. I could reapply to the RM but I'm interested in RE as a trade. We live together but I'm gonna have to add up the finances and see if I can afford to join as well.
  8. Also, does anyone have a rough idea of how long the process will take?
    Thanks for all the replies so far lads.
  9. Weekends off on the B3 Combat Engineer course (phase 2a) are a bit hit and miss. A lot depends on your troop staff, how well your troop are doing etc, etc. As for your trade training (phase 2b) you should get pretty much every weekend off.

    Once you've passed your B3 and head to Chatham you can apply for a married quarter (you need to be in a post for a minimum of 6 months to be eligible for a quarter) but you have to be married. Your first posting after completing phase 2b should be a minimum of 5 years for a normal unit, although I think that a posting to 23 Engr Regt or 59 Independent Cdo Sqn is shorter as you are on a probationary period but you have a good chance of being extended.

    Joining at 23/24 is far from old so don't worry about tthat.

    As to application to starting a lot depends on trade vacancies and how well you do on your selection. The fitter you are, the less of a wait you'll have.
  10. Thanks plant life, that's really helpful. As for phase 2b if I chose I go for 59 would the beat up and AACC be classed as 2b or do I still do a formal trade?
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  12. No, you need to have a trade other than combat engineer, commando is considered a specialist qualification rather than a trade.
  13. Thats one hell of a selection process

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