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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by kendo9009, Sep 8, 2004.

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  1. Alright everyone, now I don't expect a rousing reception from all, but I'm joining the RMP, I would like a couple of questions answered please, why are the RMP known as the monkeys to some people ? where will I likeley be posted after training, and is it the case that the AGC are relaxed regarding 1.5 mile run and general fitness, I have been given that impression by serving squaddies.

    Thanks in advance
  2. All RMP used to be recruited from within the Army and because of the grief from drunken squaddies they were generally 'kin big n ard. (Obviously not the case now with everyone being so cuddly/squidgie)
    Having seen some of the WWII recruitment posters of Gorilla's with MP armbands on perhaps it came from that?
    Re fitness etc - there is only one basic standard throughout the army and that is enforced as in any other unit, by the CO/OC. If they are slack bladders then the unit will be.
    Postings - everywhere the Army have a permanent station and on almost every op.
  3. No1. The RMP are called monkys for (possibly) 2 reasons 1.They used to guard the rock of Gibraltar and 2. They wear a red hat just like the little Monkey that dances up and down at the funfair, (IE, Put the Organ grinder on not the Monkey).

    No2. What the Fu*k do you care, just pass the training, then start bitching it was too hard. The RMP now accompany the Infantry on patrols if you want a lower standard join the AGC, trust me the fitter you are the easier it is.

    No3. Where there are 100+ soldiers there will be RMP.(and by fu*k you better get on with/keep up with, or you will be left behind. 80 rds, No radio and no support Welcome to the RMP
  4. Monkey see, Monkey do (you).

    as simple as that.

    RMP, well someone has to do it.
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Why Monkey? Maybe cos the beret is the same colour as a baboons arsse!
  6. No they don't. Just think how much nicer the world would be without them. :D
  7. You unspeakably grotty little worm. How dare you think of joining the magnificent colours of our ape like brethren with anything other than your best?
    I suggest, Sir, you remain a strawberry mivvie.
  8. piss off gizzit, it was a question !!
  9. snigger'll be sorry
  10. Dont do it!!!!
    Its not glamorous!!
    If you want endless hours of bullshit, pointless tasks, and enough pointless paperwork to coke a donkey then join.
    Go for something you like doing, blowing shit up or fixing it whatever.
    The RMP looks good from the outside, but believe me i dont know many who really like it from the inside.
    If you wanna be a policeman, join the police, not the RMP
  11. with all due respect guys, I don't expect a career in the armed forces to be glamarous, but is it a crime because I would rather join the RMP rather than the Infantry or Logistics, it appeals to me where does the problem lie ? regarding some of the snidey comments, your comments are nothing better than the way young tearawys think of the civvy cops :roll:
  12. Crack on then, if you dont want to listen to advice from people who actually do the job, then go for it.
    At the end of the day four years of your life isn't much................

    If your bright enough to get into the RMP then you can have any trade you like, at least have a look for something else you might like?
  13. I always thought the RMP were called Monkeys, because traditionally they were all big, hard, knuckle dragging buggers! An essential qualification when walking into a bar in Aldershot, and becoming the common enemy of the two battalions previously knocking lumps out of each other.

    I've also started to think that even the RMP's don't like the RMP's, although I did find myself sticking up for them to an RAF Policeman - who really are useless barrier technicians.

    And any non-field unit, that spends a large amount of its time in sedatory jobs (as the AGC, by neccesity have to - indeed so does my corps) will attract its fair share of wasters, but these appear in all units. So no, the AGC do not have a more relaxed attitude to fitness, try the RAF or the RN (but not the RM).

    Good luck with basic mate, and from now on I won't talk to you cos your a monkey :)
  14. I lived with the RMPs for a couple of months in Bosnia. Bit of an eye opener. It is true, they do have to do a lot of pointless crap. They seem very very rank conscious and - the bit that surprised me - there were lots of good blokes. However, they were balanced by lots of tossers - usually in the senior ranks. And the RMPs that are cnuts to other soldiers are also cnuts to their own blokes. They're just cnuts and they're in an organisation that allows their cnutiness to fully express itself. Seems you have to be a cnut to get on.

    Still, they're better than the RAF police, who are useless unemployable powerless jobsworth cnuts.

    All in my humble opinion, of course :wink:
  15. Agreed. I too have worked with them several times and found them in ones or twos to be very pleasent people. They do however seem to have a massive internal inferiority complex between the various factions (Normal beat RMP, SIB and the CP teams for instance) and each detachment seems to be injected with just enough unpleasent characters to make each one a quite bitchy and nasty place to work.