Joining the RMP?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by BarmyArmyLad, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Hey all,

    recently passed my selection with an A and I am just looking for a good bit of background info on the RMP that you can't really find on the British Army website.

    Firstly I was wondering if anyone knows what the current shift patterns are for the RMP? Is it constantly working as a shift or do you sometimes revert to a Mon-Fri 9-5 role?

    Also curious as to how quick promotion is relative to say a trade in the RE? as well as how available are tours for RMP?

    Finally wondering is there the opportunity as an RMP soldier to become an RMP officer once you reach the rank of sergeant if you excel.

  2. my mate that is in the army spoke to a rmp before and said its 2 earlys 2 lates and 2 days off !

    And auto promotion out of phase 2 training to lance corpral which you probs know already.
  3. Hi mate,
    The shift pattern differs from Company to Company, dependent on Op Herrick etc, if you reach the criteria you can commission. PM me if you want more info.

  4. @BarmyArmyLad1. Shift patterns vary in different units. You could be doing Early/Mids/Lates, you could 12 hour day shift 12 hour night shift all depends on the unit your at. You could be employed in a UIE / Office role. Where thats 9-5.2. You pick up Lance Corporal straight after phase 2 training has finished. Do well and you'l be looking at getting Class 2 Corporal around your 2 year point.... However i have read they extending this until more relevant courses have been completed.3. When and if you do reach the rank of Sergeant you can apply for LE (Late Entry). Dependant on your current age. If your wanting to do the Officer route but dont have the grades you can always put your letter into your Regiments CO apply for Commission.Joycey.
  5. Joycey are you serving in the RMP now?
  6. I reckon he is and currently in a northern Pro Coy. Have I broken the code of your username, Joycey? :)
  7. northern ireland?
  8. Hahah. Used to be in Catterick. I am RMP yes, im now based in Germany though!
  9. im waiting on my intake for RMP is it good there hope to get based in germany!
  10. Yes, bud. You'll get asked during training for a preference. Germany is the place to go for a first posting. It's where we're the busiest and where you'll cut your teeth as a monkey. Take no notice of the 'haters'; they're all just jealous of our ability to count past 7. :lick:
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  11. Yeah as Rabid says, Germany is the place to be. More money for you! Are you coming over as a singley or married? Your busier postings would be Hohne, Sennelager or Gutersloh i believe. Im at JHQ but its a ghost town at the moment. Are you wanting to Commission too?
  12. im only 19 lol single mate, the only reason i doubt wanting to go to germany was being away from family and friends but if its better lifestyle i happy too.
  13. It's the army you mincer.

    If you need to be in the cloying and incestuous arms of your dingle style family and your one horse town mates to be happy you will drop out of basic as soon as your PVR window opens.

    Good luck if you make it as far as the phase two school as your life from then on will consists of the classroom the gym some more classroom and gym in the evening for good measure and then cleaning the block. No mummy and daddy, no mates from school.
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  14. And about being commissioned, to be honest i dont realy know all about that, i would be happy to be a Lance Corpral my whole careers just to get into the RMP, i havent been given a date for phase 1 yet but when i do ill be the happiest guy alive :)
  15. Dingle haha, i would bet my house on me passing phase 1,2 and continuing my career there for the full 24 years to be honest mate, obviously i know it going to be hard but ill take it on the chin and get on with it, all worth it at the end of the day.