Joining the RMP?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by BarmyArmyLad, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Hey all,

    recently passed my selection with an A and I am just looking for a good bit of background info on the RMP that you can't really find on the British Army website.

    Firstly I was wondering if anyone knows what the current shift patterns are for the RMP? Is it constantly working as a shift or do you sometimes revert to a Mon-Fri 9-5 role?

    Also curious as to how quick promotion is relative to say a trade in the RE? as well as how available are tours for RMP?

    Finally wondering is there the opportunity as an RMP soldier to become an RMP officer once you reach the rank of sergeant if you excel.

  2. Well, for a start, you might try posting this in the relevant part of the site dealing with specific RMP issues.

    Good luck. :)
  3. Good Shout Ha

    New to the site and head my arse by the looks
  4. Powers of Deduction are strong in this one. Go far he will.

    Have a bee;
  5. A strong candidate for SIB, he'll go fa .
  6. Fingers crosses ;)
  7. oh-here we go again- another thick ****** directing traffic and arresting innocent squaddies for pisssing in the streets or doing some evil deed when commanded by his mightiness the Emperor Mong (all bow down before his name)-its just what the British Army needs at a time of cost cuts!!
  8. **** that I can do my 2 times table and everything!
  9. You'll do a lot of that in your career with the RMP.
  10. oh-and a clockwatcher by the way-ARMY=24-7-365-or it did in my day !! shifts are based hopefully on personnell availability
  11. This isn't going to end well.
  12. Oh dear. Really. Oh dear....
  13. Conversing with H_M t'other day and the one thing I do not hear about is cutting back on MP... Para-military police is obviously the future for peace keeping interventions etc... all you rufty tufty types shooting up the locals is going to come an end. AND, MP will be able to investigate themselves? How COOL is that!

    Job jobbed
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  14. Didn't they always?
  15. Can I interest you in a vegetarian hot dog and some nachos?
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