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Hi all.

I asked a feq questions in another one of the forums, but i thought here would be best to ask.

I want everyones honest opinions, i am in the last stages of applying for the MOD Police, while it is something i think i woudl enjoy i cant help but fancy the RMP. I am just a little worried abotu army life, as what i have heard it is just getting treated like dirt and getting bulllied, which i msure is untrue?

And what is it you guys do? ive read loads of posts on here and on the army website, butc is it much standing around doing nothing? or are you always policing, or do you do plenty of soldier work aswell?

Any advice woudl be great

thanks a lot
If you want to stand around and do may well wish to keep on with that application for MDP. You're in the last stages like you say.
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