Joining the RM - Looking for a place to live

G'day chaps,

Ex-NZ army medic here heading over to the UK in a week to join up with the Royal Marines. Flight is to London and the plan is to lurk around there for a week or so, see the sights, then settle down somewhere to start the recruiting process.

I did have a place sorted with some friends but have just found out they're moving overseas and wont have a room available. Just wondering if anyone on here has a room to rent, not really fussy about where in the UK though ideally it would fit the following criteria:

An AFCO somewhere in the vicinity
Near a gym
Employment opportunities nearby
Not too far away from Lympstone (not terribly fussed about that)

I'm posting this up on here as well as the Rum Ration board as I know this forum is a little busier.



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try - I found my current place through it.
Try Bristol mate. It is in the south west and a bit cheaper than the south east. Quite a bit of work there if you want menial jobs, such as at the big mailing centre there. No doubt plenty of gyms and an AFCO to boot in the centre. Nice enough place to go out in too. Good luck mate. Came over from Auckland in Feb and got a start date for August with the army. Best of luck. PM me if needs be.
Cheers mate, I'm looking at Hampshire at the moment. Might have a place there lined up and a couple of mates live in the area. What are you joining up as?
Cheers guys, I've been taking a squiz through those sites looking for rooms for rent. Hopefully I've got something lined up in Alton but we'll see.

Went into the AFCO today which turned out to be more of a headache than anything else. The initial time of 5 months for enlistment given by the London AFCO has grown to 8 months from the Southampton office.

Also had a great catch 22 situation - was told I needed to get a waiver of reserve liability from the NZ Army but to do that I need proof that I'm applying for the Royal Marines which, I was told today, can't be provided to me unless I have the waiver.


To top it all off I was told I'd need all my original documents. Only some of which I have in original form but they're back in NZ. I do have scans of all my service and personal documents though which hopefully they'll accept.

Due to go in next week for the RM presentation so, with any luck, I'll have a chat with the recruiter again and see what can be sorted.

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