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Discussion in 'RLC' started by CombatChica, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys, I have decided I am going to join the RLC as a Rad Op Driver. I have spent weeks on this and think I am finally happy with my decision. Im 28 now so really need to get this right first time, just wanted any opinions on this job and the RLC as a whole. Have read up on the army websites but nothing beats hearing about it from the horses mouth!
  2. Rad Op seems to be going through a big change at the moment. There are a couple of threads on here and some (seemingly) good blokes so they will be best to advise.
  3. As an ex RSO and Regt Ops Offr I hav a bit of experience in this role and offer the following:

    Its a good trade if you are fairly bright, well motivated and self disciplined. The best Rad Ops I have had (and I have been very fortunate) are, or were after I had finished with them! fully capable of looking after themselves, and the vehicle from personal admin to camming the thing up, veicle recovery (!!) and navigation as well as being on top of their game technically - a common question was "Cpl XXXXX, this is a perfect location but can we get comms?". "No Sir" came the frequent reply, only to find later, someone else in the same location whose RadOp had done some magic jiggery pokery and got through!

    Its not that glamerous a role as its usually you, an operator (if you are lucky) and the OC so discretion is paramount too. It also involves long hours stagging on (usually on your own) as the boss writes orders or conversly long driving hours as you do loads of recces.

    On the plus side it can be (for the good ones) a fast promotion to Sgt but it gets a bit tight after that as ther ain't that many SSgt/WO posts for that trade. There are loads of Digital Comms course available to you as you progress and a lot of these are recognised outside the army which is also useful.

    Hope this helps - PM me for more if you want to.

  4. i have choose this trade as well, starting basic on monday!
  5. If you study hard and am as good looking as me - you'll be able to get comms using an old spoon and some copper wire.

    Shitty balls.........
  6. Ally
    Yeah I see that you are joinin as a Rad op driver too, have you found anything out about the previous thread, saying that this job may soon be no more?
    Good luck with basic!!
  7. It will be still here but basically without the trade of driving inc and will be re-named! i think logistic comm specilist sounds better anyway ay! lol but seriously i dont think anything is actually changing other than losing the driving part off it and changing its name.
  8. If thats you in the avatar i am not sure if i will be as good looking as you my friend! :)
  9. When is this happening do you know. I really liked the idea of gettin to do both
  10. I dont know exactly when this is happening, and i wouldnt worry about the driving part of it, you will still be getting your driving licences i got told as you still need to drive around in your landrover as well as getting LGV licences....

    When you have passed training etc and then when you get put at your regiment you can apply for more licences there as well as any extra courses you want.
  11. ok sounds good, so am going to stick with that, there really isn't anything else I want to do now, Thanks for clearing that up for me
  12. no problems? have you applied or anything like that yet??
  13. I'm just waiting for my RG8 to come back so I can go in for my 2nd Interview, then I can go for ASDC weekend. I have changed my mind over jobs so many times but keep coming back to this one.
    How have things gone for you so far?
  14. Things have gone and are going great. My selection has took over 6 months, but it will be worth it. This was my 2nd choice as my first choice off a sparkey within the RE, was rules out when i struggled with the colorblind number test but after chatting with the recruitor i belive i will be happier with this choice as it is anyway!

    We will wait and see, i believe there are oppitunities every month for applicants to start basic as when i did my barb and it came up with this result my recruitor said there are opening's to start basic september, october november etc! so i belive you wont be waiting long after you pass selection.
  15. Good trade if you want to be stuck in the back of a landrover for the rest of your career. dont fancy that myself!