Joining the RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by kitsunegari, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. I'm attending Briefing in a months time, and before then have fam visits to the RLC and Signals. I also have friends in both the RLC and the Signals, and I'll admit, I'm having difficulty choosing which corp I want to join. Both have aspects that I like and would like to do as an officer. The couple of officers I know in the Signals both say they wish they had joined the RLC.

    I'm just after some info as to what the officers do on a day to day basis, and what you get out of being in the RLC, cheers.
  2. Time to Don my new Mk 7 Helmet.

  3. Were they both fat? Did they have sick chits? Are they allegic to exercises? If so, you can understand why they wished to join the RLC.
  4. Ok what do ours do...
    1. Go on LCPD and tell every other officer what a BFI can do. Something funnily enough what a Cpl could of done but there you go.
    2. Write MPARS.
    3. Write CR's.
    4. Setup a Safe Driving a PI Officer!
    5. Write MPARS.
    6. Write CR's.
    Other than that not much else.
  5. TUT TUT! that would be SJARS in modern speak. And after that mine is going Skiing for a long time.(thank god)