Joining the RLC (TA) at Grantham - has anyone done it and how was/is it?

I've got one eye on joining the RLC at Grantham this year and am wondering if anyone has any experiences/ feedback to share or advice to give? I'm wondering if it's a good experience, did you get useful driving (or other) qualifications that saw you right in civvy street?

Thanks in advance.
You will get trained up to Cat C+E eventually.
Please realise that once you get your LGV Lic. and are thinking of becoming a Driver in Civvy St. that it is a completely different kettle of fish, you would be taught to pass your test and on leaving you will then have to be taught to actually drive the Vehicles out here.

Military and Civilian driving skills are like Chalk and Cheese,

I see many ex Military types, all good lads, smart etc. but they all need some form of re-training,
I'm sure that our Members who work in the trade will agree,
just because you've passed your test in a straight 6 Merc flatbed or some such Veh. doesn't mean you can hump a 44t Fridge or Tanker through the centre of the Smoke.
I'm not trying to put you off, mate, just be aware that holding an LGV Lic. means you are qualified to drive, NOT that you CAN actually drive.
Thank you both for replying.

I am also hoping to get a HAZMAT - is that transferable?

And so Arters, are you saying that I will need to pay for extra driving lessons and tests in order to work in civvy street?

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