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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SL1987, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Hello all,

    After many many many months of consideration Ive finally decided to take the plunge and apply for the British Army with the aim of joining the Rifles.

    Could someone give me some info on the process? Im slightly baffled by how much is involved in joining up :crazy:

    Ive applied for combat/infantry, what happens next? Im well aware of the backlog of applications.

    Will I train for infantry (so long as I pass all tests etc) then get the choice to join the Rifles OR will I be told what regiments are available to me?

    hope you can help me and sorry if this question gets asked time and time again

  2. Also, any links to websites with history of the Rifles would be nice.

  3. Thanks for that link 2/51, looks very interesting, ill check that out.

  4. Ask specific questions and I'll do my best to answer them.
  5. 1) Do you remember the expectation of the BARB test for Infantry? Is it very high?

    2) Assuming I pass all required tests and start training as Infantry, How would I join the Rifles?

    Thanks for your time


  6. 1. No, its about 30

    2. When someone asks what you want to join, say "Rifles".... simples

  7. I was hoping it was that simple. thanks! :)

  8. Prepare yourself for a long wait my friend
  9. I am :(

  10. You may be offered another Infantry Regiment that are low on numbers, my advice is show youself off and prove to them that it's you they really want, be confident when spoken to during the interviews make sure your paperwork (AFCO4 RG8 etc) are handed back in good time without having to be chased for it.

    Make sure you are fit, so start pounding the pavement now if you haven't already and make sure you include upper body in you phys especially heaves (pull ups), don't overdo it though and break yourself before you start - you can find a fitness programme here.

    Have a go at the online BARB

    Should you make it to the Selection Centre be seen to be better than the rest without being to abrasive or arrogant join in with the team and help others where possible. What you are looking to achieve at selection is an A or a B grade.

    Do all this and you'll be a Rifleman my son!

    Good luck

    Where are you from?
  11. thankyou for your great reply! very helpful!

    Im from a small town just outside Birmingham, just outside Wolverhampton and Just outside Dudley. Its the heart of the Black Country ;)