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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Spartan., Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. hi, im joinin the rifles soon. I have some questions. What is the policy on haircuts in training? Will I have to have my head shaved to a number 2 all over or can you keep you hair how it is? I've been on a an army look at life course with the paras and the guys were trying to get me to join the paras and not the rifles. The paras seemed to be very confidant and aggressive with a no nonsense attitude. What can I expect differently from The Rifles? Is the personality and attitude any different or is it the same as para? I'm not put off by the paras, I had a good time, but just wondring if the rifles are much different?

    I also have slightly weak eyes but good enough to pass the test. Im not quite 20/20. Is there any specialist jobs that require that you MUST have 20/20 vision?

  2. Far be it from me to prevent answers to your questions, but haven't they all been asked before somewhere in this forum?
  3. If it's regular you're going then I wouldn't worry too much about the haircut. We don't go as extreme as the Yanks and it's only for training, once you've got CIC under your belt and you get to Bn they're usually a little more relaxed.

    If you're joining a TA unit then you will usually be asked to keep it short and neat at the back and sides, and whatever is above the beret band belongs to you.

    Every unit has a slightly different personality. This comes from a combination of a million different things. Arguably the most important factors being: Where the Toms are from, the unit's "identity" (and belief in that identity e.g. PARA's RIFLES's etc and what that means to the boys) The CO and RSM's personalities and ideas and where the unit is stationed. You've got to decide which group of guys you'd like to serve with based on 2 main questions

    Q1. Who would I rather have watching my back when people are trying very hard to kill me.

    and Q2. Who would I rather live, eat, go on the piss and play footie with.

    As far as the eyes are concered, unless you want to be a pilot you're prob OK, but don't take my word on it, ask an MO.
  4. be a chosen man, you know you want to ;)
  5. I read some joining orders and they said that skin heads are unacceptable and that the minimum size is 3 so you don't look like a yobbo basically, this was on the Winchester joining instructions I think in PDF format
  6. Thanks for that. I would like to meet and speak to some people in the Rifles to be honest. The reason is because I've been thinking about the two questions you posted. I want to know who I will fit in with most.
  7. You have to be a member of Equity to be a chosen man and if I was a member of The Rifles I'd be doing all I could to disassociate myself from that scruffy, undisciplined rabble that purport to be riflemen. The light infantryman of the Wellington era was a member of one company of the battalion with a specific job to do which they would have done in a highly disciplined manner. I enjoy the Sharpe films but let's face it any resemblance to the British Army is purely accidental.
  8. How dare you - you fcuking grease monkey - were you reemed by a Rifleman by any chance or did one sh*g your missus?
  9. Who? Me?
  10. Lol Spartan, no not you.

    They are having an arguement, I know I have no experience but I think the Infantry's merging of regiments has eradicated traditions founded era's ago :(

    And moving on, you're allowed a 2 on the sides and 3 on the top minimum, confirmed.

  11. If you had the intelligence to read what I posted before gobbing off you would see that I am on the side of REAL riflemen. Not some sort of imitation of a real soldier. I served alongside 1RGJ in the early sixties and feel that the Sharpe series, while being good entertainmant, bears no resemblance to what are a highly skilled and professional part of the British Army and is in fact an insult to the same. Incidentally VMs were never grease monkeys as the greasing was always done by the drivers or a team supplied by the regiment.
  12. I swear Sharpe is old news anyway, like really old :p

    So who knows if the Army was like that, behind the propaganda and tails of war :p
  13. tails of war

    Weren't they known as Camp Followers.
  14. mr manx

    So apart from the fact, you are not a serving Rifleman, and you just happened to serve with along side a Rifle regiment a few decades ago, when the dress regs were slightly diffrent from today what are you doing posting on this thread, as you dont have any experence in the Rifles and i assume all haircuts in your day were mutton chops and porn tashs?

    no insult intended.

  15. Non taken, but I repeat The Sharpe series while very entertaining does not represent the British army or any part of it , I'm sure any self respecting Rifleman/Light Infantry man would hate to think he was seen as a scruffy ,indisciplined individual as represented in the show.