Joining The Rifles, Infantry.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Wurzle, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. Hello..

    I'm 16 and im leaving for Harrogate in september. I am going for the rifles and i am really excited. Is anyone else going for the rifles?
    And also is there any tips or pointers that anyone can give me?

    Cheers...Wurzle :D
  2. Hello.
    My son is going to Harrogate in September(7th). Where did you do your selection? What date are you going in?
  3. going in as 3 rifles in 2 days at catterick! (1st july)
  4. im joining the rifles but not quite sure when, im from the fiji islands and its a long haul from here to there anyway. i think ill try 2rifles thats one of my mates old batt.. see ya guys there.
  5. Hello again.... When are you going in in september? Also where did you do your selections? Many thanks. :)
  6. Yeahh go for it mate :D
    Do you know if yo will be going to Harrogate?
  7. Hey there Somersetlady.. :)

    I am going to Harrogate on September the 7th.. And can bloody wait :D
    I done my selection at Litchfield..

    were did you son do his?
  8. Hi the special one... What a fantastic but sad story re the soldier. Made my eyes well up sorry. That is what is called courage & commitment. Thanks for that. :D
  9. Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum. I'm applying for The Rifles and would like to hear from any other potential Infantry recruits and in particular Rifles applicants.
  10. im going for the rifles too, looks to be a good regiment! what battalion are you joining mate?
  11. well done lads for wanting to join what I believe is still one of the finest Regiments in the British Army - especially days after a 'Chosen Man' was killed in Afghanistan.

    I served 13 years with 1RoyalGreenJackets (formerly 2RGJ - now 2Rifles) and I shall never forget some of the amazing times I had with some of the best soldiers you could ever serve with.

    keep at it lads, do well in training, don't give up and you too can become 'Chosen Men.

    all the best,


    Once a Rifleman, always a Rifleman....
  12. Go 1 Rifles, your affiliated with the Royal Marines and get the chance to complete the AACC at Lympstone. I still can't decide weather to go for line infantry or airbourne its a tough decision. Punk I thought you were going Para?
  13. nah mate, always had my heart set on 1 rifles cos its so near Bristol, i want light role and wanna do the all arms commando course with 3commando brigade at Chepstow. i believe the rifles will be one of the tightest knit regiments and if i give them my all then i will be one of the best soldiers in the world, cos after all the British soldiers are the best!!! :)
  14. Ah O.K, yeah just give it your all thats all you can do mate. Aim high and reach the sky. Ive always wanted to be a commando, but I think I'm going to try the Royal route. I've just been training my ass off and I'm going to join when I know I'm at a very strong fitness level. I want to go in and stay with my original troop etc... Be one of the best as you say. I'd love to be a Para aswell though mate but you can't have the best of both worlds ey. See what I'm thinking at the end of the year.