joining the rifles few questions help please

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Hi guys
few questions you might be able to help me with.

1st if i sign up to the Rifles i want 1Rifles to do my AACC and work with the 3 Commando Brigade can i actualy sign up for this or will they tell me they pick? or is it better to go down the infantry commando route whats the diference? and before any one says just join the marines screw that lol, been in the navy as a weapons engineer i want a more land based job with lots of travel to random jungles snowy junk wholes and a little bit of boat time.

2nd ive just started filling my application form in online not rushing it due to waiting to hear back about doing the 5 day course first to get to grips with it all, does this really help and is it worth doing?

3rd a few fitness questions im currently not amazingly fit but im above average started the gym a few weeks ago to whip back into shape , running, weights , swimming again. any one got a rough idea what i need to be able to do like sit ups,press ups, mile half times so i can see how far off i am if at all.

4th i have to pick 3 diferent careers on my application but i dont like the sound of most of the jobs i either want 1Rifles or Infantry to do my commando course that way i wana get a shot later on for special forces or SAS and ive heard these are the best route to take any one no anything more?

any help much appriacted
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