Joining the reserves

First of all im well prepared to take incoming along with any serious answers to this slightly gay, poofter-ish question

Going in to have a look round the local reserves base, do a medical have a chat etc. How smart should i dress up? Dont want to turn up in a suit looking like a twat or in shellsuit like a chav(im not a chav), or what's even worse those fuckwits who turn up in webbing that theyve bought from the local fishing shop.

So how smart? :D


Jeans and T-Shirt, as long as your clean, your are not getting judge on your clothes.
Any Recruit training team just want you through the door, they will brief you up once you’re in.
Good Luck
Thanks for the replies.Interesting that t w a t got bleeped but fuckwit managed to slip through the net!Il have to remember that one!
"Oh and hide your reporters clip board, what a stupid ARRSE Question"

You have a point Grey Man...I can see the headlines in the Scum now. "Shock Horror as cuts force civvie to turn up in cords!" The Boys favourite newspapers undercover journo discovers MoD's cruel lack of interest and equipment shortages in civvies!

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