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Joining the Reserves..

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Hi there, I'm not sure if I've posted this in the right place so I apologize if I havnt.

I have a few questions id like to ask,
Firstly, I am interested in joining the army reserves, but I am worried that I will not pass my medical. You see, I am 27yo, when I was 18 I was in a car accident and fractured my L5 Vertebrae (spinal fracture) I did not have any surgery and recovered perfectly. I have not had any problems or back aches since the accident(9years). 4 years ago (2016) I applied for the Royal Marines Regulars, I passed my tests and interview but failed on the medical, because of my previous spinal fracture.
Now 4 years later I have moved on with my life have a child and have a career in construction so joining the military full time would not be for me. Hence why I would like to join the army as a reservist.
The only problem is, would I fail my medical again if I applied for the army? I am a very fit lad, I'm regularly in the gym (not recently due to Covid-19) and run 3 times a week.

I understand that the reason they may have failed my medical last time might have been due to how physically demanding the royal marines would have been on my body. But in the army as a reservist, What would the chances be that I would fail it again?

What is Deployment like in the reserves, is it regular deployments? And also are they Compulsory?

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