Joining the reserves in Fife


I’m 36 and looking to join the reserves. I’ve already had my medical form completed and it’s fine. Just been sent to Glencourse.

What would people recommend as a good unit to join? (Don’t even know if that’s the right terminology).

By good, I mean social. Have fun. Perform well as a team. I’ve moved to Fife in the last year with my wife but all my mates are back in Edinburgh. So I’m looking for friends over here. I work in Edinburgh, but I would not want to trave back there for attending nights.

Any thoughts? Also, if anyone wants to help me train. That would be most welcome.
Much appreciated. I’ve visited a few. Everyone seemed decent enough. Just wondering if there was any first hand experience? Like recruiters in any field. A rosey picture is always painted.
Does it have to be army reserves? RNR is in rosyth and dundee as well.

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I did quite fancy the army. My grandad was in the Russian convoys. So not a fan of the sea. He put me right off.

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