Joining the reserves as a student

I'm turning 16 by the end of this school year and I'm not sure if I want to join to regular army after wards so I think I should try the reserves first and see what it's like. I plan to stay in school while I'm in the reserves. Also is it possible to become a door gunner or airborne qualified and if so how and does anyone have any advice on convincing my parents to let me join (they're still stuck in a Vietnam era mentality also known as fear joining the army). Basically I'm asking for your opinions and advice
Go down to your nearest Recruitment Centre and ask them. They will help you. It's their job. As for your silly question about becoming a door gunner, it ain't gonna happen as a Reservist. The only "airborne" reserve regiment in Canada thatI know of is the Queens Own Rifles, out of Toronto. So if you live in The Big Stink, you may have a chance. Theoretically, if you REALLY excel in any normal infantry unit, you could get sent on your jump course, but I wouldn't count on it.The recruiter will put you through a series of aptitude tests, which will determine what Trades you are suited to. If I had it to do over again, I would have taken a trade which you can benefit from on Civvy street. When I quit, I was saddened to find that there was very little demand for tank gunners on the job market. If you're really young and gung-ho and can't be dissuaded from the combat trades, do what I did and join the Armoured Corps. Because, really, why ******* walk when you can drive?
PS. Make sure you tell your folks that Reservists are NEVER forced to go on Deployment. Strictly volunteer.
PPS. Good luck with your hippie parents. My Dad's a Colonel. So I didn't have to convince him.
Some good advice from FV. As for door gunner/para etc, worry about that stuff once you are in and a trained soldier. Door gunners are generally reservists, and usually at the Cpl/MCpl rank, so you have a bit of time before you can think about trying out for it, however with the Afghan mission winding down the rumour is they are going to make it a reg force only trade. Caveat: that is pure rumour, heard in a COP in SE Panjwai, so take it with a grain of salt.

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