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I've been thinking of joining the reserves, and I have had a look at a lot of the different roles available, and I am thinking that I would like to become a Tank Crewman, the role looks good and the extra qualifications do as well. The only thing I would like to know what it is like as a reservist tank crewman, as there is already quite a bit of information on here about life as a regular tank crewman, but I'm guessing there is a quite a difference between the two.

Thanks very much.
Where do you live?

E2A: Royal Wessex Yeomanry (based in South West, less 1 Tp in Telford) have the reserve tank crew role. If you don't live near one of their squadrons, then I would suggest a big feature/difference will be lots of driving or travel to attend training

Royal Wessex Yeomanry
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In the Birmingham area, I think there is a unit in Dudley.
Royal Yeomanry (based in West Midlands, B Sqn in Dudley) are in the light cav role - that is really bloody good fun and you will spend lots more quality time training than needing to keep tank quals up to date/current

Royal Yeomanry
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Thank you for the advice I will look into that then that sounds good. Works much better for me anyway distance wise.

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