joining the reme !!!

OK so i passed selection at glencurse last mounth with an A grade , going into the reme to be a metalsmith ( what are your thoughts on this trade )

also , how easy is it to be attached to a regiment that you want to be , is there a free choice kinda thing or do you just get told where you are going .

any advice on the reme , and how to get past the obvious shitness of a 32week phase 2 at bordon will be very much appriciated

also any naked pictures of your wives/gf will help me judge your characters

Metalsmith - Cracking bunch!
Bordon - ****.
Choices - You can put in for waht you want but you'll get put where you're needed.
Wives & GFs or just the last bit of slag I shagged? - Are you really sure you want those pics? :)
Joining as a metalsmith is fine. Why do you want to be a metalsmith- as oppose to anything else- in our Corps?

I seem to remember that for your first posting from Bordon you go where you're sent-and that would tend to be a Bn as a brand new Class 3 tradesman. Four years of it to boot!

After that you can fill in a preferential posting every 6 months. Find out what units out there have got a Metalsmith and plug for that unit. The powers that be were on about centralising Metalsmiths into Battalions permanently so postings could be limited for you...

Bordons what you make of it. Remember-it's not the real Army, listen to your instructors, keep your head down and don't get caught!

As for a pic of the Frau-you first!
Joining as a metalsmith is fine. Why do you want to be a metalsmith- as oppose to anything else- in our Corps?

i was a fabriaction apprentice at a small engineering company , and was laid off because of the current climate , so i love working with metal .

alos can you tell me how the classing thing works , you said i would be a class 3 tradesman ? what does this mean
Class 3 - Bottom of the rung, still got lots to learn.

As an aside, what kind of work will you be doing? As in what will you be making metal stuff for? Pardon my ignorance, never come across one in our LAD?
How far did you get in your apprenticeship? If you completed it there's every chance that the trade school will fast track you through you basic Metalsmiths course-you'd just have to do the military skills bit.
No doubt, because it's Bordon, you'd get caught up in all the red tape and end up in manpower Platoon anyway but could perhaps skip bits of the course-it would depend on any formal compatible quals you have from civvy street.

Class 3=Brand new
Class 2=Been in the Field Army more than 6 months and has had his trade booklet ticked off by his bosses by showing relevant competences.
Class 1= Been a class 2 for long enough to go back to Bordon, complete Bordons upgrader course (finish apprenticeship basically) and become a subject matter expert in your chosen discipline (Metalsmith in your case).

Within rising in your classes-you will be also rising in rank, remember you are both a tradesman AND a soldier. Soldier first, as a matter of fact...
Everything from making bike racks for outside RHQ to welding cracked tank hulls. The metalsmith in the LAD at Horseguards-when they had one was also a Blacksmith/farrier for example.
met them in passing, but never seen one at work, or felt the need to engage them in conversation. Same goes for Recovery Mechanics. A simple nod normally suffices.
The only worthwhile trade in REME is Armourer.

There are no Armourer's in Hell,
There are Tiffy's, Queers and VM's,
But there are no Armourer's in Hell
When at your unit you will spend an extraordinarily amount of time making nut and bolt men, like this.

No you will.

Consider your options and change to Recy Mech. You know you want to.
Probably the only proper skilled trade in the sense of the word left in REME. Not an easy course to pass by all accounts but if you have some welding experience it should stand you in good stead. Be prepared to get asked to make the most daft of devices.

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