Joining the Reme as a VM

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Lukie..., May 23, 2009.

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  1. Got Selection in 4 weeks time, Was wondering if anyone one here is joining as a VM and the timescale they had from selection to basic?

    Any ideas would be great, Cheers
  2. Hi Luke - My original choice was VM and my CA (careers advisor) mentioned it might be a wait till about september/october time (for phase 1) once i'd passed Selection, since then i've had my job brief and have shuffled my choice of VM to 2nd.
    But at the end of the day it's what ever appeals to you, and you can always fill the time between selection and Phase 1 with Physical Training getting up to scratch and beyond. 8)

    Hope That Helps
    Syn :)
  3. Syn made a good suggestion as keeping with your phys up to a good level is essential.

    Something that I would personally recommend would is trying to get some sort of experience at spannering if you can. I know that modern cars dont really equate to the kit you will be working on but if you arent in full time work right now or dont mind giving up a few Saturdays, a bit of time on the tools can provide invaluable.

    Just a suggestion though. Phys is higher on your list of priorities though.
  4. Yeah, Keeping the fitness up is the plan! Go to selection in 4 weeks so hopefully not too long!

    I work full time at present at a Renault dealer as I am already a mechanic at nvq level 3 so im sorted on the front!

    Was just curious, I was thinking Sept/Oct time would be fine! Means I can get it spot on for basic if get through!

    I also put in for Recover mechanic a my second choice, which I was tempted by but VM is the one to go for apparently?
  5. VM is a feeder trade (currently(?)) for Artificer (same as Armourer and Technician), whereas Metalsmith and Recovery Mechanic are not.

    Artificer is fast track promotion whereas you will jostle for position with your peers within your trade group for promotion.

    If you are ambitious, Artificer route is a no-brainer. Non feeder trades can re-trade, but this is quite a slow process.

    Although there are commissioned Recovery Mechanics, so nothing is impossible whatever you decide to go for.

    Best of luck.
  6. NVQ 3 should also fast track you through your class 1.

    I stand by to be corrected on that.
  7. One of the reason I decided to try for the Army was for the oppurtunities to further myself on all levels, So may as well hang on for the VM position if get offered it, because where I am at present there are no chance of progressing!

    Theres also a plus that nothing can be as bad as French cars to work on!! So bring on the tanks!
  8. Apart from American crap ;)
  9. The Army use a lot of Yank machinery dont they? Or is that scandinavian??
  10. Youll have to wait and see wont you. ;)
  11. Yeah, I guess so! All nuts and bolts at the end of the day! I take it you are already in??

    Enjoy it?
  12. Ive got selection on the 9th july and have been told that as long as i pass i'll be going to basic training around september/ october for VM aswel. what date have you got selection?
  13. I have selection tuesday!! So in theory not too long then! be good if was Sept/Oct time...I wanna get stuck in!

    Wheres your selection buddy?
  14. Lukie , the information i gave stating Sept/Oct time was about a month ago... back then it was probably correct however, ask your ACA once you've passed ADSC as this may of become January time now. My ACA said that it's like that for most trades now as many of the vacancies have been snapped up.

    Just correcting myself.....

    Syn :)
  15. Long time that! Ill have to get rid of current job asthey are messing me around...Time for a simle job! Or travelling :)