Joining the regulars while being a single father.

I was interested to know if Army life could be compatible with being a father.

I currently have my child at weekends and obviously a committed father. Is there anyone who could tell me if they are in the same situation and making it work aswell as being a full time serving soldier!?!
There are plenty of part time (but committed) fathers in the Army! Your only problem will be irregular access and not having accommodation that you can have your kids stay at (unless you privately rent).

The main factor will be personal cost. Dependant on posting, I doubt you will be able to afford weekend commuting unless very close.
Im a father, and not with the mother anymore, she understand what im doing and has known all along i'd be going in the Army. Me and the slagg woops sorry i mean ex, have come up with an agreement that any leave i get and can afford to get to her town, i get to see my son. Im fortunate enuff to have my parents in a nearby town so i can take him to theirs but some times i wont be able to, so i'll just have to make the best out of the day then rent a Band B and see him the next day.

Just gotta work evrything out etc makesure evry1 understands you not doing a 9 til 5 job.

:) MT.
It's the only thing holding me back from joining at the moment and finding it very difficult to work out if it can be do'able.
I'm interested in joining 2 Mercian but my ex is living in Banbury so travelling in time off would be a nightmare.
just one of them things mate, i know im gonna find it fukken well hard but at the end of the day im doing it for him. Just gotta grit ur teeth put ur head down and crack on. If ur not a 100% then dont bother, ul be waisting your time and the recruiters. :)

U mite aswel just giv it a shot, if u dont like the feel then bug out and forget it, but you never know til you try. Youl always be his dad and a soldier as a dad is one to be proud of.


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