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I am a Sapper and my chosen trade is POM which it’s training is 21 weeks ... and I have love for Engineer Logistics Specialist... I am now stacked on to which one to do ..

Please I will love to read some advices between both

1. Promotion wise
2. Salary and benefits
3. Operation wise ?

Thank you any other will be appreciated



Thanks for alll the information.. but please make a better clarification for me please which is better POM or Engineer Logistics


You will find POM more "hands on" in your early years. It has only been relatively recently that Log Spec has become an entry trade; it used to be something that people switched into later on. I have deleted an earlier post from another contributor, as Log Spec is a specific trade and is NOT "being dicked to work in the SQMS stores".

As far as operations are concerned, there will be little difference in the long run. As a Sapper you will be busy whatever you do.

Promotion prospects in either will be broadly similar. Both have a well trodden career path through to WO1 and beyond.

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