Joining the RAMC

Hi, I'm about to apply to join the Army and I'm interested in the RAMC. I have two questions:

If I join, can I join to be a CMT or could I just end up being pinged to do something else?
And, what kind of civvie quals do you get from joining the corps? Would I be able to leave my career in the army and become a paramedic or something similar or would I have to do additional schooling, etc?

And any other info regarding the job and training would also be welcomed, thanks!

sup rec

Book Reviewer
Yes you can join as a CMT. If that is the job you are accepted for then that is the trade you will be trained for.

A CMT is not Paramedic qualified so further 'schooling' as you put it will be required to become a qualifies Paramedic.

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