Joining the RAMC as a qualified doctor

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Bromhead, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. Hello All, just looking for some info on this topic actually.

    I've got a mate who's about to fully qualify as a doctor next year. He's looking to join the army after this but wants to know how its going to affect him getting the necessary qualifications at the right time. Ultimately he wants to become a surgeon and was wondering if this was possible if he was in the RAMC.

    Can anyone give me some info to pass on to him? Bear in mind i'm an infanteer so no long words please.....
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Give the AMD recruiting a ring, they will bite his hand off!
  3. No guarantee of Surgical Trg though....personally I would wait until I had qualified for the £50,000 'Golden Hello' the way tell him to develop his upper body strength at the current rate of sign of he'll have to drag his own stretchers and casualties back.
  4. if your friend likes endless op tours and getting buggered about then the RAMC is the place for him/her......wait a minute you said Doctor! Forget all that I said, 6 week tours, money thrown at him/her for all their training and more golden hellos than a New Labour party conference. All at the expense of a rapidly diminishing DMS, what more could they ask for!!!!!
  5. My brother-in-laws' an Army doc....As I understand it , your mate needs to do his JHO placement and maybe his SHO placement in civvi street.

    Without them he word suffer 'career suicide' - as the GMC/BMA (?) wil only credit him with a tenth of the training he'll do in the army.

    y brothet-in-law mentioned an example of a 'training' Doctor (?) out in Iraq who had done 10 months of hard-core medical work yet only got 1 month 'so-called' experience for his efforts when he got home.

    That said, I've been on the pop all weekend and I'm probably talking shite, so dont take my word for it
  6. Why doesn't he join the TA? Can get a feel for things, maybe a tour and plenty of money for courses, conferences, etc, before making a very silly mistake...
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    So it would be staright to Iraq for him then!

  8. Dear Diary, Today I will look up the phrase "CYNICAL OLD SCOTS GIT" in my thesaurus. I wonder, will the definition be "DUI- LAI"
  9. Dunno if it’s too late and your mind has been polluted by the jealous and the ignorant; unfortunately a lot of boll%$*s has been talked in these forums by those who have no idea about the real earning potential of other professions over a career.

    The RAMC is always in the market for qualified Medical Officers. If your mate really wants to train as a surgeon the military has the best training scheme going, because there is the flexibility during HPT to get experience across the country (and abroad) in various centres of excellence unconstrained by the foibles of particular Regional Deans. Your mate will of course have to do basic military training spend time as an RMO and possibly complete operational tours in places such as Iraq. This will delay their CCST, but the “golden hellos” (which some in this forum seems to think is a bribe) is designed to offset the loss of earnings cause by the delay in completing HPT and subsequent appointment as a consultant. The aim of the golden hello is to ensure that during the span of a career that the gross earnings of a military doctor are no less than their civilian counterparts. I would warn your friend that the system has traditionally only ‘just’ ensured equal remuneration; i.e. if he is the dogs nads as a surgeon he WILL lose out. On the other-hand if he is an average jobbing surgeon he’ll earn about as much in the services as anyone else in the NHS plus a little more for the embuggeration of being in the military.
  10. it will be defined as, " a fine fellow, found on the boards of ARRSE who answers to the name of Dui-LAi!!!
  11. jealous? Most definately! ignorant? Not really!

    If so, why? 20 odd years of watching all other trades in the AMS being sacrificed at the expense of our medical colleagues. Still, when there is only MOs left, who'll do your x-rays then? Your lab tests?

    Old and cynical, I most definately am!! Try working with 3 CSMR for a few months to get the emotions right!
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Dui-Lai for DGAMS!