Joining the RAMC as a newly qualified doctor

Dear All

I was wondering if you could help me, as those as the local recruitment service don't seem to know much in the way of the finer details in applying to the the RAMC.

I am a recently qualified doctor and am currently doing my F1 year (former PRHO year and due to finish in February).

I was interested in joining the RAMC before university, but given I was about to start on a 5-6 year course, the idea of committing myself for at least another 7 after graduating seemed a bit much at 18.

I was wondering what the procedure is if you wanted to apply during your F1 year. Do you join a military hospital for your F2 year or do you continue in the Trust you are in? I was thinking of doing my F2 year abroad - as my Deanery that I am with allow you to do this as long as the rotations and assessments can meet the F2 criteria - if I were to do this would I still be employed and paid by the Army for that year?

How does it work once you do join? I understand you do a year as a general medical officer and then go to Sandhurst, if indeed selected. If anyone could break down what this entails, I would be most grateful.

I was also wondering if the RAMC offer anything in the way of a Golden Hello for newly qualified doctors looking to join. I know they offer them to specialists and GPs as well as nurses, but given that I wouldn't have been getting a cadetship bursary through the latter part of medical school and currently having an immovable mountain of debt to shift that I am gradually chipping into, I was wondering if they did offer anything in exchange for a lengthy committment.

Any help anyone could offer would be gratefully received.
Have a gander at

Will PM you the email for the RAMC recruiting (or ring your AFCO and ask for it), they're the best ones to speak to as so much has changed recently.

(Have just realised there's an enquiry form on the main careers page on the above site, at the bottom)

When it comes to applying, make sure you can convince them you know something about army life and you really want to be in the army, as they've had a large increase in applications to get round MTAS or for more job security.

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