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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Dazza, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. Hello Gunners im currently in recruitment phase just had interview went well my job choice is Royal Artillery as a crewman or crewman technical my 1st choice would be to work with the AS90 SELF PROPELLED GUN im 6ft 6 from the midland and 20 yrs old so i guess my local regiment would be 1 RHA. so please can i have some info and some feedback in what lifes like in this regiment please and what its like to serve in the RA cheers any reply's greatfully received.
  2. at 6'6" my only advice would be "watch your head inside".

    Question here....why do you need to go local to midlands?

    And why would you choose primarily to go Guns? Have you not considered any of the (better paying) trades such as Command Systems (yes, their laptop computer is XP Embedded these days.....a walk in the park for the average youth of today) or if you are the "Pig in muck" sort of bloke, Observer? Both are just as satisfying as humping bullets.

    Or was your induction to Arty aimed purposefully by your guide at the Guns?

    Just wondering.
  3. Basically my recruiter told me about all different trades in RA but im mosty interested in driving and operating the AS90 and being a tall guy he said id be alright in the AS90's
  4. hah hah hah.......Recruiters....they crack me up......

    (ahem) no....I'm obviously being silly......with a rear entrance 3ft high and head room of about 6'3" inside,....I'd say you're ideal. If you want to stand up and command the AS90 without touching the seat then you will also be ideal.

    or maybe they just want someone with enough arm length to be able to reach down the barrel from the front every time they have a misfire to eject the round (saves getting the "Ejector Projectile" out from whoever has been spammed to carry it.

    Honestly mate, you want to try it before you buy it.

    But good on you for being forthright enough to ask. I might be wrong of course, being a CP wallah but I really can't see it.

    P.S. I'm also a recruiter, but I only tell people the truth, as opposed to what the army wants me to tell you...............