Joining the Prison Service With A Minor Record

Im guessing that a number of you ex squaddies are in the Prison service as I know alot of them are ex services. So hope you can help. I applied to the Prison service a few weeks ago online, and passed the online entrance test. (POST). I was invited to attend the Assessment centre to the next stage. However, I was put off going because I have a minor record.
Basically, I have a juvenile caution for a theft offence ( my mate nicked a bottle of wine from a shop once and altough he was charged I was cautioned). Secondly, I was fined for damage to property.. I drunkely broke a window once...the RMP passed it onto my OC who gave me the fine. Nothing further was said.
So I never have been to court for any offence. These were in my early 20s, a long time ago.

Now on the initial online form I declared this, but still got put through to do the online entrance test. But this was within 48 hours of applying. Does anyone know if I will be rejected for this?..I know some people will say just give it a shot, but to be honest Id rather not waste my time or get disheartened.I have an uncle in the service who Im close to, but ive never told my family about my stupidness as even now I find it embarrassing.
After 12 years in green, I have recently completed 20 years in the HM Prison Service with no time off for good behaviour, however I had a few periods of enforced leave due to unfounded allegations, etc,

They used to be a saying in the service 'There by the grace of god goes I' or something similar.

I knew a lot of ex forces in the job who had regimental entries, civil and criminal convictions prior to joining the Prison Service.

I joined in the era of 'PORRIAGE' when it was known as 'HM PRISONS' and pre fresh start, the majority of the 'staff' were ex forces and normally ex NCO's, SNCO & WO's. I made a point of modellling myself on McKaye, (to upset the Governors), but the service is now all 'BAD GIRLS' and full of Social Workers who want to be Governors and not work the landings, the sharpe end.

Minor civil and criminal convicition are not a bar, but make sure you declare them on your application form as they may bite you in the a@@se at a later date, and leave you open for blackmail and conditioning by the real villians or worse used as a tool by management to dismiss you.

Prison Oficers have the powers of a constable under the Prison Act 1952 so honesty is expected.

It should be noted a lot of staff from my last establishment left the service and joined the Met, TVP and British Transport Police a few years ago.
Thanks for your reply. I know that joining the police- certain forces- is open to people with minor offences, as it is up to the chief inspector who has the final say. Obviously, the prison service must be careful about who they employ.
If I could turn back the clock I would, but no one can. It just would be a shame to lose out on a job, because of a few youthful mistakes where no real harm was done.
If you know of people that have joined with minor offences, then I guess it could be worth a try. Just I did not want to go to waste everyones time and suffer the embarassment of it.Especially as there will be people who will go to the selection stage with completely clean records. I looked on the prisoner officer chat forum- which has now closed- where a chap asked the same question. The responses he got were rather mixed.
Oddly enough I was talking to a mate today about joining the Prison Service. Is it true that you have to do those PC role playing exercises? If so what roughly are they about?
They aren't just "PC" role plays. You are required to demonstrate how you would handle given situations by; 1. Solving the problem, 2. Not exacerating the situation, and 3. Not getting your face smashed in. ( And preferably not resorting to violence) :D
Although the job has changed in my time, and it's quite s**t, I would recommend it to most people.
Cabana said:
Oddly enough I was talking to a mate today about joining the Prison Service. Is it true that you have to do those PC role playing exercises? If so what roughly are they about?
You are tested by the means of role playing through out your training,and as a test to get in,and yes you can join with a regimental record.
Ah, so there is "no touchy feely lets talk about your troubles dear criminal" role plays then. I agree with role playing (training) which is productive, although a bop on the head should always solve the problem ;)

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