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The MOD site has been updated meaning all of the contact details for the local units have vanished. As per above, give HQ a call, however if college is on Tuesday this will be a non starter due to required attendance on drill nights.
And written by a Lt Col too, though I suspect for a wider audience than just the British Army.
Missed that, (shakes head) will now go and cover myself in strawberry jam and lie naked on an anthill nearby with really big beasties.
Also check out Youtube.

There's a load of TV programmes about the Paras. There was a series back in the 80's that should give you an idea about basic training, and also check out (also on Youtube) - Cutting Edge - P Company.
Hi All!

So i'm 18 at the moment and currently working as an accounts apprentice and studying my AAT as a backup to the paras.

I just have a few questions regarding the joining process.

- Can I join straight from civie street?

- What are the fitness requirements?

- What can I expect from training ie: day to day?

- I'm quite a skinny guy what supplements should I be taking if any to aid with building muscle and gaining weight?

Thanks all!

Have a look at this program to get some idea of what you'll be facing.

BBC iPlayer - The Paras - 1. 480 Platoon
Is basic Para training & P company the same today as it was for 480 platoon?
I watched this whole series about 3 weeks ago on the iplayer. I hadn’t seen it for years.
I felt sorry for that scouse lad Phil ?? Who ended up in Rumbelows. He Seemed keen. All that effort for nowt.
Hello all, I hope this can be answered before tomorrow. I am at assesment as we speak I have passed medical today with my little green card. But tomorrow is the physical stuff with recent attempts of my time and the bag and jerry can lift I hope that will be fine. But there is an interview or a career discussion at the end of the day with ACT score maths and lit if needed. But they will be asking question on phase 1 and phase 2 I believe. I understand it is all at ITC, but the army site has stated a 30 week CIC, but I have also been told it is only 28 weeks. WHich one is it indefinet I have texted a serving para but rarely get signal here and he may be on holiday and cannot answer. Also P company I have been told it is 21 weeks and also at the end of the training. Can anyon inform of this as I doubt it will mess me up I am just trying to cover all basis.
PRAC passed today was hard very hard. So all went well and intakes march 17 then a may one aiming for may due to all the other commitments. In life or I'd jumped on next month one.

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