Joining the Paras, some quick questions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by future_para92, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. heya, im 17 and im joining the Paras next year...
    just a few (maybe bone) questions that i cant seem to get a straight answer for...
    I wanna join the Paras because i want a challenging, physical, testing and interesting career..however i have been told at my ACO that my good GCSEs and the A-levels I am taking (as back-up qualifications) would better suit me as an engineer, so would these rstrict my entry as a Para, can they actaully say no to my choice, and will it make life harder in the interviews, trying to justify my choices?
    Secondly...what sort of questions will i be asked in the numerous interviews i will have...what sort of knowledge do i need to bring with me of the army, regiment, and current affairs?
    Sensible, constructive answers/critisisms apreciated..
  2. Answer to question 1: No they can't. Have you thought about going into the paras as an officer?
  3. It is an option, but im not sure if im officer material, or if i would actaully get in to sandhurst
    i have been told, and think myself, that it is in a sense harder to get into sandhurst than grassroots, and i can still earn a commission by performance rather than qualifications, is this true...a good way forward for someone in my position...
  4. Yes it is possible but generally takes a very long time (Late Entry Commission). If you want to go for officer, best to just do it from the start. I am and I know that if I do not pass AOSB (which I don't plan on failing ;-)), I can always join as a soldier; you are not barred from entering the forces after that :D
  5. can i apply as for officer role and soldier role at the same time?
    what is the lower limit on the BARBs for Paras, i have heard it is higher than other infantry units?
    also any help on the second of my questions?
  6. I'm not a Para, or an officer, but I'd say that if you want to be an officer you should go the Sandhurst route. If being a Para is your main concern, and you're not sure about becoming an officer, you should join as a tom.

    From what I gather there is quite fierce competition for the few Para officer slots, and they can pick and choose among the applicants. You want to be motivated to become both a Para AND an officer.
  7. i would rather be a para than an officer, i have wanter to be one since i was little, its not just about they pay or the perks of being an officer to me... if that makes sense and from what your saying i take it im more likelly to pass out as a tom than get into sandhurst...??? or am i just being stupid?
  9. From what I remember, I was asked about what I knew about my chosen regiment, where the army as a whole is and where it had been, just to show knowledge of what you were getting in to. As you've said you have always wanted to be a Para, you should know already about what they do and where they have been etc, and if you have ever picked up a newspaper recently you'll know where we as an army are now!
    You seem pretty switched on, so good luck chap, I'm sure you'll be fine.
  10. Norwich, but they wernt rle 'poaching' so to speak, just checking that id looked at other options than infantry where my qualifications could benifit me.

    As for the other part i have been researching a fair bit and know a good deal more than i did, and as i should anyway its been my dream since childhood, im not too bothered about pay, i know that i'll have a roof over my head and three meals a day while im living in soldiers accomidation anyways, but for e its more about having something i wanna wake up to in the morning and enjoy, and get something out of...but i have noticed the extra pay in paras, and it has been a little extra inspiring to say the least...
  11. Why don't you join the Royal Engineers,and then apply for P Company and be an Airborne Engineer? (if you manage to get through all of your training that is)
  12. As lamely macho as it sounds i want to fight as a soldier as well as just be airbourne, there is just something in me that says i odt want to be an that a stupid decision?
  13. Nope,if you really want it - go for it.
    Good luck.
  14. NO its what You want to be and dont let anyone els try to make you think different mate ! You want it then Go for it good luck lad im sure youl do fine.
  15. cheers for all the support guys, i have seen some people on here ask better questions than me and get an absolute grilling...
    what is a good run time to be aiming at for my mile btw? i know i need to be looking at under mins, but should i aim for absolute best and nail it, or should i get a good enough time but give room for improvement on training, so i can develop in staff's eyes?
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