Joining the Paras (My Log)

Me? Mark, 23, North-East

Went to careers office and got all the info etc and a load of forms to fill in…

…Couple of weeks later

Had BARB test (Scored 55)

..One week later

Had my interview, did ok! And was given a date of the 22nd/23rd for my fitness test at the recruitment centre up in Scotland.

I post more as it happens, anyone got any advise for me?


Kit Reviewer
Advice? Yes; don't Blog it, just do it.
or as in: laid a log
Advice? yup, work on your wrist action, you dont want to be the one who has to eat the soggy biscuit. 8O :wink:
sandmanfez said:
Advice? yup, work on your wrist action, you dont want to be the one who has to eat the soggy biscuit. 8O :wink:
Bit early for him to go to the mortar Pl is it not?
Fair one , having a bit of banter , why not put a bit of effort into your log , what you are up to , funnies , kit ,knobbers you meet along the way etc . Arrsers would i think be interested . Good luck anyway .
This is interesting, but like recce-cpl says, hearing the funny stories and about the knobbers you train with are the best
Well i am basically up to the stage just before you...waiting on the letter to tell me about my interview.

I went to the ACO got loads of info, thick careers book thing and a DVD, went back 2 days later and filled out some forms and got my date for the BARB.....went back for my barb about a week or so later, this was last tuesday and i got a 78 and was given my big long jobs list, but the only ones that interested me (wanting to be an out and out soldier, front like jobbie) were the paras and the local regiment QLR, so i have paras as my first and QLR as my 2nd choices.

So now im waiting for the letter on when my interview is..gotta get a haircut before then, try and smarten myself up a bit...then its off to RSC, basically untill then im training every day with doing my 2.4k run everyday and gotten my time down in a week from about 14 minutes (how unfit must i have been..damn) to about 11 minutes....hopefully if i try that extra bit more and push myself i will get it down to about about 9ish in the few weeks ihave left till RSC.

Where will i go for in lancashire so which will they send me too?
It's far more preferrable to log your experience than to experience the log
Well I was was the RSC in Glencourse a few weeks ago and passed all the tests and have been accepted to as a Para! My enlistment date is Nov 6th at Catterick.

anyone got any designs for para tattoo's?

Run Time 9:40
Pull Ups 17
Ice Breaker: 5/5
Team Task: Received a good report
Static Lift: Lifted over 136kg (lift more that 136kg and they will consider you if you run within 9:40)
Jerry Can Test: Passed
Dynamic Lift: Lifted 55kg (Max required to pass)

When you get there don’t forget to call the NCO’s mate, they love that.

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You will need to get that run time down when you start P Coy my lad, 9:40 is a fail.As for tattoos you havent got there yet and dont bother may affect your employability in later life.

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