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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by TwentyThreeSixtyEight, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Did a quick scan through the pages of this board but didn't find anything on this in particular (please excuse me if I missed it).

    I was wondering what the application process for the OTC involves, specifically the kind of disclosures or checks that have to be filled out, and what bodies do them? I have no criminal convictions etc, but am curious about the process.

    Ta in advance!
  2. Join the OTC and you are joining the TA (no matter what certain people might say).
    Check the TA board for their details.
  3. Usually involves the following at Edinburgh:

    Swim Test
    Bleep Test
    Group discussions
    5min talk about yourself
    Command tasks
    Paper work galore (bring a rubber stamp with your signature and address on, it'll save about an hour! Failing that a potato):

    In the last few years the fitness stuff has been scrapped. The medical is the only really important one.

    Not 100% sure what the checks are, but I dont think they are that stringent.
  4. Checks; mainly just your referees. Unless you are from or have parents from outside of Great Britain i.e. Northern Ireland or outside of the UK. Then it is an orange booklet for a Counter Terrorism Check and now an additional piece of paper for those from Northern Ireland - you have to list everyone in your family from NI; it is tedious and totally ridiculous.
  5. This is correct in so far as paperwork/medical is concerned however the attendance requirements are somewhat different although I expect this to vary from otc to otc as well
  6. Why do you have this specific query? Is there something you particularly want to know about??

    I would suggest that you contact your OTC and ask to speak to the Adjutant (PSAO) or someone on the MTQ1 training team face to face, bearing in mind easter leave is about now.