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Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by Mattybouy, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. I emailed the Irish Army last weekend to ask the age limit to join and i am suprised that they returned the email saying that at 36 n having been a regualar in the British Army then spent time in the TA and now on a FTRS in a depot i am to old to transfer to the Irish Army, does anyone know if this is the truth or not. I have done tours of Northen Ireland and Iraq and not long returned from op Tosca in Cyprus on a UN tour and i am a PTI.
  2. I would think that if you email the "Irish Army" (not all of them though), they may know if it's the truth.

    You're welcome.
  3. i emailed the address that was on the website, i realise at 36 i'm getting on a bit but having been in the Army since 1997 both TA n reg i surly should be able to get in especially when my OC says he could get me on PT Corp selection even at my age...
  4. The IDF website states that 25 years is the upper age limit for joining. Nothing there about transfers though.

    This page was interesting as it appears that the army is now full.
    Irish Defence Forces

    Although I cannot think why anybody would want to join. In my neck of the woods all they seem to do is escort Cash in Transit vans.

    I do have a couple of contacts though, and will ask on Monday what the score is (unofficially) for you.
  5. If you could do that would be great, thanks.
  6. I'd say your best bet would be to phone +353 +1 8042149/2144/2109

    They do have a total recruitment ban at the moment - and there is no permanent arrangement in place between Ireland and the UK as there is with the Canadians, ADF, NZDF etc.

    They might be interested if they are looking for your specific trade but as above there is a recruitment ban. Your best bet is to just call the manpower/personnel office above and ask if there is any possibility.
  7. They do have have a long history of peacekeeping in Lebanon (and other places) and the Irish navy and air force whilst hardly into 'war fighting' do a bloody good job of fishery protection and SAR in a large sector of the western atlantic.

    They don't do what we (just about) do, but they do what they do well, so don't mock.

    ps i'm not from Eire but have worked with them.

    Edit - Ooops meant eastern atlantic
  8. Dont Wah me Mate.

    a) I know about the IDF peace keeping missions. They do a Grand Job.

    b) I did say " In my neck of the woods" the IDF look after Cash in Transit. That is a statement of fact.

    c) You do not work with them. You do not live here. I do.

    d) I cannot see where my post "mocks"

    e) Try and post something relevent for the OP or do one throbber.

    Mattybouy I will PM you on monday evening.
  9. There is no way of transferring from a different army into the DF (note not IDF - that is Israeli Defence Forces - and due to ops in Lebanon it doesn't go down very well!). Also if you were to join no account will be taken of your previous service/courses etc.

    There is also no way of doing FTRS type things with the Army Reserve (similar to TA) - at the minute we are restricted to doing 7 days full time annually unless on a course (and we don't get paid for training parades / most weekends).

    You must be BELOW the following ages (there are no exceptions except where shown (not even 1 day!)):

    Cadets (all branches) & Musicians - 28 on 1 November of the year of the competition

    Apprentices (all branches) - 20 on 1 September of the year of the competition (in some competitions - 22 if already serving in the PDF (regular irish army))

    General Service Recruit (Army & Air Corps, including grooms in Equitation School) - 25 on date of enlistment

    General Service Recruit (Naval Service) - 27 on date of enlistment

    Direct Entry Medical Officers - 50 on 1 December of year of the competition

    Reserves - 35 (40 if a former member of (Irish) regular army) (45 if a former (Irish) regular sergeant or higher)

    There may other age limits for other categories of direct entry officers (eg engineering officers) but they aren't as high as for doctors.

    There is a lot of competition for places, the DF is possibly going to shed 500 jobs (disaster considering they are the ONLY part of the Irish public service that cut numbers in Celtic Tiger times).

    On top of this (as some else said) their is a recruitment ban in place across the Irish public service, including the DF. Every individual post to be filled has to have the prior approval of the Minister of Finance (and I'm not talking about some civil servant in his office). They had to fight very hard to get a small cadet class in, the Reserves are only allowed to replace those who leave (and that is because political pressure was brought to bear at local level and there was local elections.)

    The recruit ban is to go on untill the end of 2010... at the earliest!!!
  10. There is a total recruitment ban on here at the moment

    we are in the processof down sizing the Defence Forces.

    There is no ability to transfer from the British Army to the Irish Army-

    And at 36 you are a fair bit over the age limit-

    And to set the record straigh we dont simply Guard cash in transit vans all the time,

    the bit of CIT work is a major pain in the arse though.

    What stirred your interedt in joining the Irish Defence Forces
  11. I am going out with a girl from Ireland and thought i could join the Irish army and move over but i guess i am to old so i will have to look at another job...
  12. Mattybouy,

    irlsgt & hedgie have it spot on.

    I have spoken to my contact this morning and he concurs.

    Sorry old boy :cry:

  13. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
  14. hey its ok, prehaps its time for me to hang my boots up and look for a different job, maybe personal trainer of ATI somewhere, thanks for all the help anyway.