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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Quincy, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. I have completed my application form for the RMP and have just been informed that they have no vacancies until April 2007 at least. I am therefore looking at my second preference of joining the Intelligence Corps.

    Are there any serving members of the Intel Corps who can provide me with their experiences of selection, training and operational life in the Intel Corps.
  2. *cough*
  3. INT! INT!!!! It's BLOODY INT!!!!!!

    Please refer yourself to the various threads that are similar in nature to your question, and in fact will answer everything that you'd ever want to know.

    Much obliged!

  4. Sorry! I apologise for being a muppet and referring to the INT CORPS as the INTEL CORPS. Ill search the forums.

  5. That was far too restrained- Who are you and what have you done with the real G2LB?
  6. DON'T MAKE ME EAT YOU!!!!!!!

    You're right I should've destroyed him but I'm getting old in my cynical age...
  7. I think that maybe someone baiting you boys!! haha
  8. Clearly you haven't checked quincy's previous posts. Although a copper on the outside joining and becoming a copper on the inside is a bit suspect... 8O
  9. Hmmm, seems a bit dodgy........

    Posted 1 Aug 06

    Posted 30 Jul 06.

    I'm getting this feeling that something might not be right?
  10. I bet he calls jocks 'Scotch' as well.
  11. :D Theres no fooling you Int Corps lads is there?

    Theres nothing dodgy about me i can assure you. I just made my mind up to apply to join the army a lot earlier than i had planned on when i posted the RMP thread.
  12. Right so in the space of 24 hours (Seeing as you only posted yesterday morning about the RMP's) you applied to join the RMP and found out that they had no vacancies until April 2007!!

    I'm impressed at your careers office and members of staff!!
  13. Q, go and ask your careers office.

    Have you sat the BARB test yet? You may not even be eligable to join due to you being thick. Not saying you are, but you might be. . . .

    If you're a copper, as one of those Special Blokes (?) who may / should have a good contact with their local section. Other than that, go to the main Int Corps forum page, scroll to the top and look there for some answers.

    Word to the wise; Think about it man! What do you expect people to say on here? If you do some research and have a look at the majority of Int Corps board threads, they are pi55 takes and slander (with the occasional stab in the back!).

    Actually, that pretty much sums it up!

    I am obviously being sarcastic before anyone starts! :slow:
  14. Point noted! :D

  15. now go back and edit the title of your thread, or we will blackball you.

    when did we start accepting people who regard us as a poor second choice to the monkeys anyway? we are not that f*cking desperate mate :)
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