I have plans within the next year or so to join the rifles possibly however the one thing that's swaying me about that decision is the life after service. I've been told to go for a trade but unfortunately i am not so heavily technically minded plus i wanted to spend my career in what i think is the spearhead part of the army. I've heard when you leave the infantry, you have minimal qualifications and it's impossible to get a good sustainable employment after. I've also heard you can gain trade qualifications and useful skills from the infantry which make employment after easier. Can anyone clarify on this?


NOTE: This is my own personal experience, yours could easily be so very different.

I was in the same boat as you once upon a time. I wanted to be on the frontline. I thought I'd love it, being an infantryman. Everyone told me get a trade, do something useful. Be someone smart. I was stubborn, ignorant in fact. I kept telling myself this is what I wanted, I made myself believe this was who i was to become. I was wrong. So very very wrong.

Ever since I joined i have hated it and continually regretted either not getting a trade or instead going to university alike many of my civilian peers.

Truth is, yes you can get qualifications whilst being in the Infantry. But please consider the time factor for this and that there are only limited trades available to infantrymen.

You could become an assault pioneer and specialise in demolition and constructions; You could be a radio operator and specialise in all things signals (that's relevant to infanteering) or you could become a PTI and be an expert on health, nutrition and fitness.
Get the trade of your choice then apply for AACC or PCoy (or even SF) to get a sharp end posting.


Considered joining the RM? Couple years infantry then you specialize. Then every 2 years or so you get the option to change your trade. Lots of opportunity for quals.

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