Joining the Infantry at 30, Good or bad idea???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ThisIsSparta!!, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Hello there :D

    My application to join is now under way, having completed the BARB/Key skills and the Med Forms. Just waiting for interview dates. My main choice for career path is to join the Infantry. It has been for a long time now but something about my choice has been bugging me a little.

    I'm 29 at present and will very soon be 30. I'm not insecure about my age but I would like to know if people feel that applicants my age are compatible with that particular role? I would love to know other peoples views on this. I realise that if my decision comes to fruition then I will be training with people much younger than me and have to take orders from people much younger than me etc. This, I feel, does not bother me in the slightest. My family are 100% behind me in my decision.

    When I completed the BARB with a score of 72, my recruiter told me that a person of my maturity would better suit one of the more trade like roles which I feel is very good advice but I just don't fancy any of the other roles.

    Anyway, what do other people think? Joining the Infantry at 30, A good idea? :?
  2. I think that you will find the other inf lads that you will be serving alongside very immature/childish, and this will only get on your nerves in the long run.
  3. learn to read the question
  4. cracking ideaaaa :D
    why not join the infantry . i reckon all the younger lads like myself would like someone your age in my group to look upto .. oh and btw not everyone at a younger age is immature :) mate go for it seriously , good luck!!
  5. Wait until you've joined the inf then get back to me on that one.
  6. A bloke of your maturity will do well in the Infantry as you will tend to be more robust than the younger lads. It comes down to what you want, if you want the exciting life then go Infantry. Good luck whatever you decide.
  7. .....Forgot to mention that I was thinking along the lines of Armoured Infantry, If that makes a difference?

    Really appreciate the responses, keep 'em coming!
  8. Do it mate, why not....there will be plenty of lads in their 20s. I'm joining next year Il be 22. Forget all the 16 year old snot gobblers. There will be decent lads with you wherever you go.
  9. Yep armoured infantry does make a difference, you will have a taxi to run you about.
    I remember a guy of 27 joined when I did, he only lasted a few weeks, but the infantry I joined were very demanding
  10. Your right there mate, I seem to attract them all on here. Just give them the :roll: , best way.
  11. Go for it mate, I'm also 29, and thinking of going for it within the next year. I'm cutting it kinda close though. No I think you'll be ok. Gud luck mate. :wink:
  12. i think give it a go you cant do any worse than any spotty 16 year old would any way as long as youve got ur heart set on it and give it your all you will do it . you can achive any thing as long as u push ur self to set ur heart on it . give it a crack mate u aint that old ur only 30 for god sake .
  13. Take it or leave it mate, your choice. 8)
  14. I don't think completing the training will be a problem if you're fit and determined, it'll be the social side and fitting into the group that might be hard, your immediate peers will be 10-12 years younger mostly, and just be discovering the things you got bored of years ago, you'll be taking orders from jncos and junior officers much younger and with less life experience in some non-military areas then you, I'd think long and hard about joining something where such tight group cohesion is necessary when theres a bit of a generation gap between you and those around you...