joining the gurka sigs

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by Soldier_5, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. im at uni at the moment, but im quite interested in joining the gurka sigs, as an officer, and was just wondering if you guys had any info on how i go about this. do i need to join the sigs first, then transfer, or is it a completly seperate unit that i need to apply to join while at RMAS?

    any info would be much appreciated.

    cheers, S5
  2. Have we not had the same question , or at least every similar , on here only a short time ago??
  3. You cannot join QG SIGNALS per se. You have to join R SIGNALS and then you can volunteer for service with QG SIGNALS. This is done on the basis of two year attachments. You have the chance to volunteer to be a Tp Comd or Ops Offr. You can be selected for sub unit Command and for Regt Command. In the interim you will have had to follow the normal career path for a R SIGNALS officer.
  4. thanks.
  5. In my experience I have never met a crap Gurkha signaler, plenty of Brit ones but no Gurkha. I suggest you join the Sigs and then see if the Gurkha's accept you, not the other way around. I suspect that unless you have a good reason for joining the QGS you will get a brown envelope telling you where to go.

  6. Mmmm well you havent been to my regt, theres a few here i can tell you.

  7. ? Obviously never served at 30 Sigs then......

  8. Here we go again, The Gurkha Supermen syndrome. Of course there are crap Gurkha signalmen as there are crap Brit signalmen. I served with HQ 48 (Gurkha) Inf bde in the 60s and although I liked the Gurkhas but I found that there were good and bad the same as in any unit.