Joining the foreign legion september

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by leviticus198, May 21, 2007.

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  1. any advise will be helpful
    anyone else Joining????
  2. Learn French fast.
  3. Good luck bro.
  4. why? Why not just join the Army?

    You'll still get to travel all over the planet and shoot at things but: a. you'll be better paid; b. you'll get some holiday from time to time (sic); c. you don't have to learn French; d. [I could go on...]

    I met lots of Brits (mostly ex-squaddies) who were in the 2eme REP and never quite understood why.

    Is it just the "romance" of the whole thing?
  5. But he wont get the funny white hat.. :(
  6. I had a mate who went along with me to join the army but as he had a juvenile record they told him he had to wait a while so he did but then fcuked off to France, he ended up doing 20 years in 1 RE! He absolutely loved it, he's a strange bloke now though!
  7. Get Fitter, Learn French should get you past week1, Had a Canadian Mate that Joined in the mid 80's who really enjoyed his time in La Legion Etranger.

    Spent a couple of weeks on Ex at a Legion base in Central France, most of them are sound lads if you can speaka da lingo which I can a bit. Tend to have a picture of their Girlfiend in the top of the Kepi blanc except for the nutter we met who had a picci of 3 packs of Marlboughs instead. Can't be all bad as they seemed to spend a lot of time posing in tracksuits, skeleton webbing and a couple of waterbottles. Funny a F@ck when we tabbed past in Full Cemo + SF kits in about 40 degrees their eyes fair popped out, mind you we had only just hopped off the transport around the corner. :wink:

    Bon Chance.
  8. My mate did the 5 years and ended up in the Amphibie in Corsica. He loved every minute.

    Learn french, run run run, press ups and pull ups, run run run. Their motto is march or die, so bear in mind there are no prisoners! Also they never surrender, so if you are involved in any wars, make sure you are prepared to die as opposed to surrender...............matlows take note.

  9. LOL I would have guessed you ment Adj. Plonker..but then see you wrote 1st RE :D
  10. Spotted! I stay away from them REP blokes, they're too dodgy!!
  11. Goatshaggers :D There's nothing else to do on that island.
  12. Bon chance, m'sieur.
  13. He did, but they won't let him go to Iraq. :D