Joining the Engineers - Officer, or Regular? And what trade?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Schmiitty, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm just looking for some friendly advice from some people actually in the know. And I apologise, as I know there is a lot of info on here regarding joining up, but I have a few questions that,
    so far as I can see, haven't been answered.
    The situation, basically, is that I am battling with the idea of regular vs officer. I have the 'official' qualifications for officer (but not a degree as they prefer). Not having a degree may make it
    harder, but I'm sure if I showed potential, it would be of less importance.

    On the other hand, I'm thinking about regular, as it's well known about the laughs the lads have. On top of this, they get more of a trade, whereas officers, as I understand, are more
    management, and I've always enjoyed hands on.
    But when it came to trades, three really got my attention and sounded like they might be for me. These are:
    -Fitter General

    The latter two, I have a bit of an inkling as to what they do, but any further info would be muchly aprreciated. As for surveyor, however, as far as I can find on this website, even the
    regiments have little idea what to do with them on a day to day basis. Correct me if I'm wrong, thats why I'm here. I was just wondering what the standard working experience for a surveyor.
    I don't really want to join to be the brew boy haha. On the other hand, they might employ more combat engineering? Which looks fun. But as I say, I haven't found much.

    Extremely sorry for how long winded it is, and thanks for any help guys.

  2. Forget being an officer and all other manner of fancy trades. MT for you my lad.
  3. The_world_is_flat , some very enlightening information there. Bit more in-depth than the army recruiting info, which seems to be 'Look through a theodolite to see if its flat, then draw a picture
    of the potential site'. You definitely helped me to understand just what it is they do. And the fact that they do a mix of that and combat engineering. Does that mean that unless theres a
    specific surveyor type task, most of the time will be spent doing combat engineering?
    Thanks for helping me.

    The13thDukeOfWybourne, while that sounds all well and good, my father is a driver in the RLC (the shame haha), so it doesn't interest me as much as getting a trade. I agree, it's a good and
    important job, but I dont think me and it belong together. Thanks anyway.
  4. Schmiity - yes, that's pretty much it, especially as a Class 2. Unless there is a specific survey task for your unit you will switch to combat engineering or soldiering. As you gain experience and the Class 1 qualification there is more chance of an assignment to a specialist unit that do more surveying, but nowadays you will be expected to jump back and forth between combat engineering and trade roles through out your career.
  5. Ah, that sounds pretty good, then. Always aimed to get a fair bit of soldiering and combat engineering done, but with a sprinkling of trade and sophistication (hence the CRE hehe).
    I assume that general fitters use their trade much more commonly, what with all the vehicles and equipment in use.
    Plumbers, however. Do they function in the day-to-day much like the surveyors, or are they used as just general plumbers most of the time?
    This is some very good info and helping me to come to the decision of which trade, should I go regular (quite possibly more suited to me).

  6. I was a Plumber in my time with the Corps ( Left early '08 ) and I only really touched my trade on construction tours or occasionally on Ops. Day to Day stuff , like pretty much all construction based trades you'll probably mostly do Combat Engineer/Soldiering tasks, depending on what unit you're in.

    What ever trade you chose, be prepared to oil shovels and count stores on a regular occasion ;)
  7. Cheers, good advice on that also. Although it doesn't help me make my mind up, argh! They both sound good hehe. And yeah, I've been around the army all my life, so I'm well
    aware of all the 'essential work' such as shovel maintenance ;)


    Oh, and on tours, do you do a mix of construction (hearts & minds) and combat engineering, or is it more leant to one?
    I'm imagining you will tell me that, again, it depends on what trade, what unit, and specific circumstances, but if it's any different.... you know.
  8. What you do on tour totally depends on your Sqn and its role. You will normally provide close support engineering to the infantry that you are attached to and carry out maintenance tasks on the FOB/PB you are living in. There is a construction specific operation where you will deploy to only upgrade/build FOBs/PBs etc and won't go out of the wire.

    There is some hearts and minds stuff going on but most of that is primarily passed to Afghan contractors and supervised by MSST and PRT.
  9. Sparky is the only trade worth considering fella. :)
  10. You'll be please to know that's one of mini me's choices.
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  11. Ok, guys, cheers for your help.

    And Knocker, I hope you will be pleased to know that I regard the sparky trade as a very good one, but I struggled with everything to do with circuits and electricals when I did physics at
    A-Level, so I don't really think I would be suited to it, to be honest. Fluffing up on an exam is one thing, but a whole career would be quite another haha. Cheers.
  12. more maths mate than physics, great trade & has earned me a tidy living since i left The Corps. REgards.
  13. Haha, I'm guessing from the advice given (and very good it has been too), you all think joining as a working man is a better idea than
    joining as an officer? I think it would be more suited to me anyway, so this is the likely direction I shall go. Thanks all for your help,
    I appreciate it.
  14. Good luck. REgards.