Joining the Canadian Army/Navy!

Hi all,

I'm a recent high school graduate over here in the Great White North.

I'm currently working two jobs, and have had the idea of joining the Canadian Army or Navy in the back of my mind for some time now. As, after having a chat with my Father, he suggested that I need some kind of life experience, and I've looked at volunteer networks in Europe, as an alternative. But, they have so far come up dry.

I've been on the CF Recruiting Website and have looked at two positions that interest me, the role of a Public Affairs Officer, and the occupation of a Social Work Officer. I plan to go into a recruiting office on November 1st and discuss my options with a Recruiter.

I am currently not a Canadian citizen, but hold a valid British passport, and, due to the SLOW immigration process, I do not have a Social Insurance Number. I've been wondering whether the Forces might be able to somehow expedite the immigration process, which has now been going on for almost SEVEN years. It's frustrating as all hell.

We have moved house twice (just up the street, not out-of-province or anything), and we think that perhaps the paperwork was sent to the wrong address and the current occupants just didn't forward the paperwork. We've made countless phone calls to CIC, with the only response being that I'm "on a list."

Regardless, I'm looking for help with regards to the initial meeting with a recruiter. Should I bring anything with me? Do I need a change of clothes (gym stuff) in case I have to do any physical tests With regard to physical/medical things, I should mention that I have a heart condition - a bicuspid aortic valve. This has never given me any problems in my life before - although I did have to go for six-month check-ups as an infant and a small child.

I've kept myself in good physical condition, and from what I understand, the basic aptitude test isn't too difficult, but, I realise that combat stresses are completely different to any kind of physical activity that I've taken part in before (basketball and soccer mostly, as well as the Insanity fitness programme as part of Grade 11 Phys. Ed).

Any help is much appreciated.


You're a Canadian high school graduate and don't have a SIN number?

Strange. I managed to get my 5 year old son a SIN number within 3 days of emigrating as a permanent resident.

I think there's some smoke rising from your pant hems old boy.
I know little of the Canadian military bar having worked with them on occaision. I am more concerned that you wish to join the Military to be a PAO or a social worker. Its not that these jobs are not valid or needed (except bloody social the Army?????) its that these kind of posts are not generally held by junior officers, experience pays in both areas. If you do not wish to join with something slightly more militant in mind (heck, even logistics) then you may find the environment not to your liking.

So, experience is needed... thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at alternatives when I go in. I'm sure there are a number of roles that would suit me.

In regard to the first reply, my current status is a "Landed Immigrant". I have to renew my passport every few months, but other than that, not really sure what's going on. We'll continue to make enquiries and see where it takes us.

Cheers to all for the replies.

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