Joining the British Army (Length of service question)

Does anyone have any thoughts about the length of service people commit to. I’m currently in the process of joining the Army aged 24 ex personal trainer.

My question, many people seem to join up and serve for a max of 6 to 8 years, at the moment I’m looking for a full career of 18 years to gain a good pension and work my way through the ranks to RSM hopefully.

Do people leave earlier because they want a change and get tired of the military lifestyle?or is it difficult to reach the above the rank of Corporal?

It would be good to hear from people in the Military, What are your thoughts?

(Please feel free to keep sarcastic comments and unfunny humor to yourself)
You can serve for 24 years nowadays. Length of service doesn't indicate you'll get RSM but how good you are with a bit of bumlicking thrown in and 'look at me sir'. Soldiers leave for all sorts of reasons, mostly because they think the grass is greener on the other side. Which it isn't.
When you join now, you can stay up to 12 years automatically, longer than that and they'll need to want you to extend. If you're shit, end of contract. Fally is right about why people leave, many find out it's a bit of a mistake.

Promotion varies greatly on what trade you are and more importantly, how good you are. I know of 22 year Corporals who work in the stores because they're pump, and I also know of 12ish year WO2s because they smoked a lot of pole.
As said you sign on Versatile Short Engagement VENG (S) which is up to 12 years of employment if you want it and keep your nose clean. You then can get offered VENG (FULL) which is 24 years service and even after that if the job is required then VENG (Long) up to 30 years service. You have to do 4 years Minimum or in some cases can be longer if they say you need to do 3 years after trade training for things like Aircraft Tech etc or even longer 4 years nursing (so the Army can get back what they trained you to do).

Get out clause is DAOR Discharge as of Right which is after you do 28 days in training up to 12 weeks adult or 6 months junior yoy can get out if you feel the Army isn't for homesickness, partner saying they will bin you if you dont leave, finding it too hard etc.

A lot of lads get out at the four year point especially after a tour...but you find loads wanting to get back in as Re-enlisters who leave during training or Re-joiners who in there units and realise the grass isnt greener.

As said as well its all on trade and how you get on in your unit....main aim is SNCO so you can go to tea and toast then see what goes on from there.

I think as well that from 2015 when Levy gets his way you may find a lot more people bin it early when they haven't got the pension decision to think the moment those getting closer to 22 year point have a nice pot of gold waiting for them to entice them...with the new pension it might not be as bigger carrot for the young lads in now.

Thats my opinion anyway
Thanks for the comments, they are very much appreciated. As I see it the current job market is tight, I thought the armed forces would be a good option in terms of challenge, job security and a possible way to save money.

My friends in the forces don’t go into detail when it comes to how long they want to serve most of
them don’t really have a clue what to do if they leave, but after 4 to 5 years they haven’t seemed to gain promotion.

Always good to get info from people with experience.

Dunno - there was some sort of change in 2005 but I think that was only in relation to bonuses.
Unfortunately for you lot just joining its a case of wait out and see what Lord levy does to your pensions in 2015.......things are about to change for the worst.

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