Joining the British army from outside the UK

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by honoured, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. First off i'd like to inform that my english is not perfect when i write or typ

    Hi everone i'm new to the forums i signed up because it being advice from
    a friend i have who was in the army.

    My introduction:
    i am from Belgium i'm 17 years old 18 in 2 months.

    and i have been very interested in joining the army the British one in particular.
    Because i like the huge challenge the huge self rewarding feeling
    to achieve big things help many people and improve myself make myself proud and others.

    The problem:

    under investigation of going to the website of
    i found out by chatting and using the query to ask a question
    that i cannot join the army aslong as i am not an English citizen or part of the commonwealth something
    and that i cannot change this unless i stay in England for 5 years permanently meaning thats the only way i could join the normal army

    and i don't quite understand how there is no other way
    this is nothing what i expected i feel a bit demotivated after hearing i can
    only join the foreign army and i have no idea what that even is or if england even has a foreign army

    so there's my problem i really want this i have thought this through
    i wish i had a chance to apply to take the tests and see if i could be a powerfull or usefull asset to the UK i have nothing but ambition to do this

    of topic i posted this under law because i wasn't sure where else to post this

    thank you for taking your time to read my post i really appreciate it guys

    PS ( why the british army ? IS THERE ANY BETTER ONE ?!!! :D )
  2. Unfortunately mate, rules are rules and you must have been a resident in the UK for 5 years. Look on the bright side though, as a Belgique, you're more than qualified to run a paedophile ring.
  3. how is this different from any other racism

    i wish i could get a responds with information to proof this
    i will call them monday when they open again
    and ask i was just wondering if anyone knows if there's like other options for
    people outside the UK that would like to join ?
  4. The Belgique are almost French, so sod off froggy. If we wanted to socialise with a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys we would have joined the FFL.
  5. It's only different if you target black kids. I can see the allure though.............dusky, mocha skins, corn row hair, purplish black labia surrounded by nothing but more mocha skin and a mouth full of gold teeth spelling 'nigger'.
  6. Could it be against Belgian law for a Belgian to join a foreign army?

    Why not try to join Belgian Parachute forces?

    If you joined the British Army you would be forever stumped by being asked the question if you knew anyone famous from Belgium. :)
  7. No you cant join unless you are british, from the commonwealth (what was the british empire more or less) or the republic of Ireland. Dont bother calling thats the answer there.
  8. Join the chocolate corp
  9. i'm from the dutch region of Belgium i have not had to speak a single word of french in life except school
    we speak dutch daily + dialect of it you can compare where i live from with scotland and england
    just a dialect same language

    i learned english by the time i was 8 and we never got it in school untill i was 14

    just to clarify i hate the french side of Belgium ofcourse that doesn't change anything
    i will keep trying and not give up thanks for the comments so far i will in the end have to settle
    after i make that phone call monday i won't give up yet , volunteer about the belgian parachute forces i'd be quite interested aswell but there isn't any other army i'd rather join then the British one !
  10. Yes it does change something, its means you're a racist cunt.
  11. Come over, claim asylum, wait a couple of weeks and hey! presto, a British passport will be in the post to you.
  12. By Keep trying I assume you mean move to Great Britain for 5 Years because thats the only way it will happen. For that 5 Years and untill or if You join the British Army I would like to point at that you would be an Immigrant, The Worst Kind of Immigrant at that! The Kind from the EU who cant even be bothered to hide the fact that there coming into this country, The Immigrant so rude that they just saunter in! How Rude!
  13. Why not join the French Foreign Legion? Apparently they take anyone and anything in.
  14. oh sorry sir you rather prefer the emmigrants that wash up on your shore
    and then turn to criminality or turn to increasing the already big issue
    with taxes and everything

    i don't get why i'd be a rude emmigrant for moving in to fight for your country and pay taxes aswell i'm not poor i don't live in welfare
    i'm not there to steal your jobs

    you can see me as what you want
    but my ambition to do good won't be undermined by some bitter person who is so prejudous that he has to judge a kid from outside the uk that wants to fight for your country missplaced

    anger i'm not comming over because i'm selfish
    the situation will not become worse if i come over
    i have a clean history i went to school
    i'm not poor
    and i got alot of will power to do this

    how about you place your anger on all those who lack will power that
    live in the uk that don't try hard get into trouble and all in all maybe ruined there own life and maybe others partialy aswell

    rather then me the first:
    inspired eager chap that want's to do good

    in the end i'm not the best example of normal human being that diserves this that's subjective but i certainly don't diserve to be look down upon
    in the manner you portrait
  15. A well thought out, articulate and structured post. Unfortunately, I can smell your pre-cum dribbling, smeared in children's body fluids, swollen glans from here. Do one paedo.