Joining the British army after resigning my Canadian reserve commission?

Hey guys,

I'm a dual citizen living in Canada (moved when my parents emigrated to Canada). I'm currently attending university in Canada and I've joined the Canadian Army Reserve Force as an infantry officer. If all goes well, I'll complete my training this summer and commission as a 2nd Lt. From a young age, I've always wanted to attend Sandhurst and join the British army as an officer. The plan is to resign my Canadian Army commission in 2021 (when I graduate from uni), and apply to sandhurst that same year.

The big question I've been trying to find an answer to: Are there any foreseeable complications that would prevent me from getting into Sandhurst/becoming a British Army officer?

I knew two Canadians and a Saffer who came over to try for Commission's, all joined as Private's in the capacity of a Potential Officer.

That meant they completed a Corps pre-Welbeck selection and were found to have potential requiring development, as such they had to join as Pte's and pass basic. After that they attended the Corps Potential Officer Course where they were bought along in the other skill's required of an officer.

In the end one of the Canadians passed everything and went on to receive a commission, the other two left.

As far as I know it should be possible for you as long as you have dual citizenship. Look into residency requirements in the UK though. You may wish to consider doing a Masters degree in the UK to make up some time.

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