Joining the best idea?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Pharscape81, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. I've spoken to four ex soldiers and one serving soldier (no recruiters) and they have all basically said don't join due to the state of the army today. Apparently* low morale and being overstretched just makes it not what people think. Just wondered what guys on here thought, if they were younger would they join todays army, having had their experiences?
  2. I can't give you a qualified opinion as I'm not a soldier, but will be starting Phase 1 in a couple of months, but I do know someone who is currently in, he has been serving for about 1 year and he actually really enjoys it, I think he is going to Iraq fairly soon, which he states he is looking forward to it.

    It's difficult because you have some who like it, some who don't, I suppose it all depends on what type of person you are, do you like a challenge, although a regimented lifestyle, go to bed at a certain time, be up at a certain time, yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir etc...

    again, I'm not qualified to answer your question, but I suppose someone has to do it, at the end of the day, if our grandads and great-grandads can sacrifice their life and freedom for the sake of others, then why shouldn't we? some were bearly teens when they signed up to fight for their country, perhaps we should take a leaf out of their book, instead of being the 'The world, owes me something society'.

    At the end of the day, your joining The Army, it's not a party or an excuse to get away from civvie life, it's a disciplined life, you need discipline to maintain order, that is the nature of the army, in my unqualified opinion.
  3. bollocks mate. nothing personal, but thats all bollocks.

    if you want sh*t pay, but good disposable income, good pension, want to get fit, learn good trades, get massive, learn repsect, integrity, and want to learn how to survive in the woods, then don't join the army, you get none of that here.
  4. so, why should we join up then rick_rolled, if we don't get adequate training? Why am I even fcuking bothering to sign up?

    fcuk me, what's the point then?

    Please explain!
  5. my response is your avatar.
  6. maybe one of the reasons why people think it's sh*it because it's being run by people like yourself, you havent even tried to answer the question.

    In your qualified opinion, why should we or why shouldn't we join?
  7. If it's so bad, why are you still in?
  8. institutionalised my darling. that's why.
  9. Cop out, darling.
  10. rather not dear.
  11. so, rick_rolled, abit of help would be nice! if your currently serving, why shouldn't we join?

    Without trying to seem like a gibbon, if it weren't for 15 year old kids during the world wars, we would never have won as they contributed a considerable amount to the forces at that time, Do you think rick-rolled, that they had high morale and thought the army was all that, fair enough, most lied to get in, but fcuk me without those men and women, we would have been fcked especially if they thought like yourself.
  12. Slightly wrong, there wasn't a surge of people joining, hence the need for conscription.
  13. What a question!

    1. If you join up now, how will you know what it was like for me? I could tell you, but I doubt that you would believe me. You will experience a totally different Army to me; whether it is as promised by the advertisements is another matter.

    2. Would I join up now? Probably yes, because I wouldn't know any different. But I also think that my career path would be considerably different to the one I followed.

    3. What else is open to you? If you have a first class degree in maths, why join the Army when you could join the City and earn squillions? If you have 3 good A Levels, then the world of academe is your oyster. You might be broke but it will be wall to wall women and booze for 3 years. If you are the product of the "Education, Education, Education" con foisted upon Britain over the last 10 years and you don't have any qualifications, and you can't find any labouring jobs because the immigrants have them all sewn up, or the talent scouts haven't yet noticed your devastating beauty and/or rap skills, what do you do?

    4. The Army offers opportunities for a wide spread of characters. Some will do well, some will do badly, some will stay, some will leave early. It's a huge mixture. There are issues with pay and conditions and always will be. There are risks - but there are risks in everything we do - and more soldiers are killed on the roads than in combat.

    5. I promise you this; if you join up and put your heart and soul into your career, grabbing every opportunity that passes your nose as if it was the last, following the rules and not doing anything too stupid, you will survive and have a very good career. A career that will end with a pension, a chestful of medals and lots of good mates and memories.

    Or, you can ask me if I want fries with my burger!


  14. ubersoldat, what i said was a joke. re-read what i posted, then with the last 6 words, remove 'none' 'of' and 'that'.
  15. As far as I'm concerned all I can say to any young lads (or lasses) who want to join is best of luck. It's not a bad life and like every job it has its good and bad points. Be in a few years and you turn all cynical like r_r! 1 more lad in the army = 1 less potential chav scumbag on the streets. Ultimately it's your decision but you don't want to get old thinking what if?